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mastitus + thrush should i give formula?

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whimsy Sun 07-Aug-05 18:29:41

I've been breastfeeding DS2 since was born 5 weeks ago but the last week or so he has had really bad nappy rash and doctor prescribed canesten on Friday saying he had thrush. I was prescribed antibiotics for mastitus on Tuesday which seem to be working as I don't feel as bad. The thing is the antibiotics are making him have constant diarrhoea which in turn is making his bottom a whole lot worse. I've had his nappy off all-day today but it looks like it's spreading up the front.
Now im thinking that I should give him formula so he's not getting the antibiotics for a couple of days and express and bin the milk? I have a couple of ebm that I froze before I got mastitus which I will give him. I'm not sure what to do for the best. Any advice?

Flossam Sun 07-Aug-05 18:31:35

How long is the course for Whimsy? How often does the canesten need to applied? What nappy creams have you applied? Try not to panic just yet, I'm sure there are lots of things other than formula we can try.

Flossam Sun 07-Aug-05 18:31:53

Also which antibiotics are they?

whimsy Sun 07-Aug-05 18:36:00

The canesten after every nappy change, but i've been trying to leave his nappy off as much as posible. I finish the course on Tuesday but not sure how long antibiotics stay in your system which are cefalexin.

Flossam Sun 07-Aug-05 18:41:54

I would try putting the canesten on and leaving for ten minutes and then applying a nappy cream on top. If you are using re - usable consider (maybe! Please don't shout at me!) disposable for a couple of days.

With DS my favourite nappy cream is the Bepanthen - it has no alcohal in which makes sense to me. However, I also know from work that metanium is a good nappy cream. DS has been getting nappy rash since he has been teething. I have found that he can be red raw before bed, but a coating of the metanium sees him right by the morning and it is all lovely and kissable by the morning .

Could you, and I know it is awkward when they are so young and feeding so frequently, try and take your doses straight after a good feed? Less of the medication would end up in your breast milk that way I think. By all means try and give the EBM if you feel it will help, but if you want to continue BF try not to introduce the formula. It's only two days now. Hopefully both of you will be feeling much better by weds/ thurs and it will all be worth it. HTH a bit.

whimsy Sun 07-Aug-05 18:58:19

Thanks Flossam, i had been using metanium before shall try puting it on over the canesten. Though to be honest the way he has been today he's not even going 10 mins before he poo's
It looks really sore it's like they are open blisters
Not sure what to do for the best really.

Flossam Sun 07-Aug-05 19:12:06

Might be worth popping the two of you along to the drs in the morning. If he is going that often he might be at risk of dehydration, the dr could possibly change the antibiotics although I'm not sure they will be keen at this late stage. Letting the air to his bottom is good. I don't know what else to suggest really. But go and get checked over for peace of mind. I hope you feel better soon.

whimsy Sun 07-Aug-05 19:29:17


rodeo1 Sun 07-Aug-05 20:17:55

Aw whimsy,

I used to get mastitis a lot, and my poor ds's bottom used to get what you described - the open sore looking blisters. I used to apply my nipple cream to the affected area (the really gloopy lanolin stuff) and as I was using reusables I used to use the silk liners which I think really helped, got them from Little Green Earthlets only a pound something each, (only had 3 so just washed them as soon as they were dirty and put on radiator),

I'd hold off giving the formula, and carry on breastfeeding for the time being - you don't want to risk making your boobs worse. It'll be over in a few days, and I'm sure his bottom looks worse than it feels for him. I'm sure you feel terribly guilty about it though, which is understandable, but you are doing your very best for the little mite!

Hope things improve soon x x x

pollybee Sun 07-Aug-05 21:46:45

Just to say that I was advised to take 'good bacteria' while taking antibiotics for masitis - eg live yoghurt or acidophilus lactobacillus (?spelling) supplements.

I had 3 bouts of mastisis - + 3 courses of antibiotics....which unfortunately led to 'deep breast thrush' which was AGONY - shooting pains during every feed. Don't mean to worry you. I'm sure it won't be as bad for you.

Hope the mastits and thrush clear up soon.

Good luck!

Flossam Tue 09-Aug-05 20:30:09

How are things now Whimsy?

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