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Weird Kicking While Feeding

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NotQuiteCockney Sun 07-Aug-05 13:31:04

DS2 (10m) has a new breastfeeding trick. While he's feeding and very very tired (or possibly asleep?) he kicks really hard. His legs go all the way up, and then he shoves them down, quickly. It's like he's jumping.

He doesn't seem happy, and the kicking, unless I can stop it, always seems to indicate he'll have a hard time going down, or back down.

Anyone else have this?

dinny Sun 07-Aug-05 14:08:37

NQC - ds often kicks when he's feeding like your ds. think he probably does it when overtired/not really hungry. sometimes he settles down to feed, other times not. nothing useful to say though! sorry. btw, he is nearly 11 months.

NotQuiteCockney Sun 07-Aug-05 16:59:26

Well, it's good to know someone else goes through this. It's sorta freaking me out - partly because it's only started since we went on holiday, and partly because it seems to generally indicate he's about to be a complete nightmare when I put him down.

Maybe I'll try feeding him lying down when he does this, just to change things and see what happens ...

Leogaela Sun 07-Aug-05 17:49:59

NQC, ds 5 1/2 months also does this, usually when he is over excited which usually happens when he is overtired. If he doesn't calm down on the breast then i walk round with him for a while until he does calm down before feeding again.

NotQuiteCockney Fri 12-Aug-05 02:28:40

An update to say, well, I've tried different techniques, and had him pull this trick at at teatime, and now I think it might be related to his horrible nappy rash. If I lie him on his side, he seems to stop kicking. So there's an alternative explanation ...

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