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Cooler or Fridge to keep ebm cool?

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kindmuis Sat 06-Aug-05 19:28:56

Has anyone used a cooler or fridge in the car to keep ebm cool? We are off to Spain in a month and I would like to express and keep it cool whilst we are out during the day. Any other advice greatly appreciated!

loupylou Sat 06-Aug-05 19:43:32

sorry i haven't used either, but i did freeze ebm and then transport it to my mum's house before going to work. If you can build up a small suppley once there, it would be ok to defrost frozen milk over short periods of the day.
I used milk bags rather than bottles and they were great for freezing as take up less space than bottles but have to mind they don't split on defrosting so used to put milk into bottles.Hope you all have a great time in Spain.

kindmuis Sat 06-Aug-05 20:19:36

Thanks. Yes, wil ltry and build up supply once I'm over there. It is just hotter there than here and was wondering if it would be good to use either of the items.

starlover Sat 06-Aug-05 20:51:44

fwiw i think a coolbag would be fine.
ebm can be kept at room temp for 8-11 hours!!! so you should be fine! it has anti-bacterial properties and is fine out for much longer than formula or cows milk etc

NannyL Sat 06-Aug-05 20:52:24

im sure watch dog / which magazine did a 'thing' on those in car cool boxes / fridege things that plug into the cigarette lighter socket.

i remember they found that many did NOT keep things cool (5C or below) despite what they said, (so in whcihc case you should NOT store your milk in there for baby, esp if in a hot country!)

I DO seem to remember there were 1 or 2 (more expensive ones i think) that DID work and reamin under 5C for the testing time, so surely one of those is same as normal fridge.

Maybe further web searching could find that out...

so there probably IS one or 2 that would be fine, but be careful to by one of those.

Dont know if thats much help, but is something to be aware of

starlover Sat 06-Aug-05 20:55:14

nannyl... breastmilk does not have to be stored at below 5 degrees though.
as i said in my previous post it is fine at room temp for around 8-11 hours.
Obviously this may be lower in a very hot climate... however i am sure a coolbag would be fine. especially if you have one with a little icepack in

kindmuis Sat 06-Aug-05 22:10:16

Thanks mums! I think i will stay with the cooler bag and lots of ice packs. Also, might put the cooler bag into another one to make extra sure.

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