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Breastfeeding and SPD - any link?

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Frogling Mon 07-Jul-03 13:36:25

Am expecting my second child in a few weeks time, and am planning to breastfeed to start off with. I am currently suffering with very bad SPD (have crutches), and have been told by one of my friends that I shouldn't breastfeed once the baby is born, as this will exacerbate the SPD problem. She says it's because my body will still be producing excess hormones if I breastfeed, and my SPD will continue until I stop and my hormones start to go back to normal.
Does anyone have any knowledge/experience of this, or is it just mumbo-jumbo?

Tissy Mon 07-Jul-03 13:37:27



Tissy Mon 07-Jul-03 13:41:14

Doesn't mention breastfeeding as a problem on this SPD site !

boyandgirl Mon 07-Jul-03 14:11:26

More likely the positions you may find yourself sitting in for long periods while feeding may make the spd hurt. You'll probably find it easier not to feed sitting up in bed, but on a chair or sofa with your feet on a footstool.

ps There's a thread running at the moment called SPD and beyond which may be worth looking at.

pie Mon 07-Jul-03 14:21:40

I have very bad SPD, need a wheelchair and am 26 weeks pregnant. I've seen doctors and physio and NON have said no breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding hormones are oxytocin and prolactin. The hormone that is indicated in SPD is relaxin which is produced by the placenta to soften the ligaments.

So if you have had the baby the theory is that you will improve as the placenta is gone so no hormone. I know some women get SPD post delivery and I think that this has more to do with the delivery, but I'm not sure.

Anyway breastfeed away is what I meant to say!!!

mears Mon 07-Jul-03 16:49:36

Frankly the benefit of breastfeeding outweighs the very slight chance that circulating hormones will contribute to SPD. I myself had terrible pain in my sacro-iliac joint during pregnancy which disappeared after delivery. The risk you mention is more theoretical than physical, but I have seen mention of it now and again in some texts. I have seen women with SPD bottle feeding who take a while to recover.
I would emphatically say Breastfeed.

Frogling Mon 07-Jul-03 20:58:52

Thanks for the advice, everyone - it's nice to know that I've got lots of people I can ask for help whenever I have questions about pregnancy, birth and beyond! I asked my midwife about it this afternoon, and she didn't have a clue about any of it, which was a bit disappointing.
Still, based on everything I've read here, I am definitely going to go ahead with breastfeeding.
Pie - I really feel for you. I started having problems at around 24 weeks, and am now finding everything incrediby painful. For you to already be in a wheelchair with SPD at only 26 weeks is horrible. I wish you all the best and hope that you have a swift recovery post-birth.

motherinferior Tue 08-Jul-03 10:57:46

I've been breastfeeding following SPD and have NO problems, honestly.

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