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Biting in his sleep?

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NotQuiteCockney Tue 02-Aug-05 15:43:55

We're on holiday. I'm really ill. We're all jet-lagged. DS2 (10m) keeps waking in the night, and out of laziness, I've been bringing him in our bed. He feeds and feeds, we both fall asleep (I think?) and then he bites me. After that, I can't sleep any more.

Last night, I tried just feeding him and putting him back down, but he shouted loads, and we ended up giving calpol, which maybe helped?

I must must must get better, DH is going away in a week, and I will have to manage the kids on my own. I am ok with the idea of leaving him to cry it out a bit, only we're in a flat, and I think the noise would bother people.

What can I do? DS2 isn't eating enough solids right now, as I can't cook (too ill), so he's stuck with whatever. I can try to tell DH to take him somewhere for tea with food DS2 will eat ...

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