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May need to leave (BrF) LO for the day......what can I give her to drink?

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BadgerBadger Sun 31-Jul-05 00:27:42

I might go to a martial arts seminar next weekend. DD2 (she'll be 11 months by then) is fully breastfed. Though weaning is well underway, she still breastfeeds on demand, quite often.

I'm not sure expressing would be the right option. I would have to express enough throughout the week to let her get used to drinking milk from a cup or bottle (which will probably include a lot of waste!), plus enough for feeds throughout the day that I'm (possibly) away.

I don't think I've got enough 'spare' for this to be an option, amongst other reasons.

What are the alternatives? I'm sorry if this seems like a daft question, but I haven't considered anything other than breastmilk before now.

I'm starting to rethink going at all . But I'd be grateful to know our options.

janeybops Sun 31-Jul-05 07:51:33

boiled water.

Twiglett Sun 31-Jul-05 07:53:05

milk (as in bog standard cow's milk)

tap water (you don't need to boil at this age)

Twiglett Sun 31-Jul-05 07:54:57

it takes a long while for them to get used to drinking milk (any kind) out of anything other than a boob though .. took my DD about 4 months (we introduced cup for wter at 6 months, stopped bf at 10.5 months)

Laura032004 Sun 31-Jul-05 08:11:01

If she's never had a cup/bottle before she may not use either on day 1. Could she be given 'fluid rich' foods? My ds has about 10oz of milk in his porridge. If she had something like that, then she'd still be getting her milk, and you wouldn't be wasting any that you expressed, or you could just make it up with cows milk.

BadgerBadger Sun 31-Jul-05 08:39:45

Thanks .

I wasn't sure if it was a bit early for her to have cows milk as a drink, but she does have it mixed in cereal, etc.

She will drink water from a cup happily but I'd prefer her not to go the day without milk, at this stage.

I was only given short notice of the seminar, if she doesn't take to the idea, cancelling wont be a problem. Thanks for your replies.

Twiglett Sun 31-Jul-05 08:45:29

don't forget if you're used to bf during the day your boobs might get uncomfy when away from her for the day

BadgerBadger Sun 31-Jul-05 09:01:59

Twiglett, thanks for the heads up I had completely forgotten about that!

Twiglett Sun 31-Jul-05 09:33:01

yes .. I hadn't even thought about it, then all of a sudden leaky visions reached my brain

BadgerBadger Mon 01-Aug-05 10:45:13

Leaky visions and a close contact sport! It doesn't bear thinking about!

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