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How to increase your supply for breastfeeding.

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Louise1970 Fri 29-Jul-05 20:55:59

My milk supply seems to be dwindling, as my dd2 has not been drinking so much, as she is ill. Can't remmember how to increase my milk. She was hungry today and i didn't appear to have much. I have heard that a certain tea does it. (what tea) I can't express by the way.

hunkermunker Fri 29-Jul-05 20:57:54

How old is she?

Feed when she wants it and your supply ought to catch up.

Think the tea you mean is fennel - only drink it if you like it as I'm not sure there are any supply-boosting properties that make it worth drinking if you don't like it, iyswim!

Socci Fri 29-Jul-05 20:58:39

Message withdrawn

mears Fri 29-Jul-05 21:07:32

If she is feeding now, let her feed as often as she wants and your supply will quickly return to normal.

strawberry Fri 29-Jul-05 21:09:10

Make sure you are eating enough and getting enough rest too.

Louise1970 Fri 29-Jul-05 21:17:38

Yes, just been reading another thread that you have all been on. But my dd2 5 1/2 months is not well and not eating much, but the odd occasion that she does want milk, i do not seem to have enough.

mears Fri 29-Jul-05 21:25:45

The best way to to increase milk supply is to feed. If baby is not feeding then you need to express. Now I know you said initially that you can't express, but it really is what needs to be done if your DD is not feeding at all. Drinks or medication to increase milk do not work if the breast is not being stimulayed enough. How long has your DD not been well? Your supply will cope with a few days of less demand if it has just been a few days. At 5 1/2 months your milk is well and truly established. As she gets better, she will want to feed more and frequently. That will increase your supply again.

My DS2 had meningitis when he was 6 months and could not breastfeed for about a week. I was expressing but was getting smaller and smaller amounts and was worried i would lose my milk completely. Once he was well enough to feed, he soon got the milk production increased himself. If she is starting to look for feeds, then she will get milk but may want to feed frequently and possibly for long periods initially. It is important to continue brteastfeeding to help her get over her illness. HTH.

Louise1970 Fri 29-Jul-05 21:55:32

She has been unsell for 17 days, but it has not started to reduce til now. She has been having a bout 5 feeds a day but very short. The last couple of days only fed about 3 times, until today she wanted more. I did not have it. I have seen breast feeding councillor which were very good, they helped me to express. But they were surprised to that not much was happening. I think i will wake her in a minute and try to get her to feed.

mears Fri 29-Jul-05 21:59:46

What is wrong with her if you don't mind me asking?

mears Fri 29-Jul-05 22:01:22

Perhaps she is turning the corner now if she was looking for more feeds today. There will be milk there - very unlikely not to have. If she will feed at least every 3 hours by being woken, you will see an improvement

Louise1970 Fri 29-Jul-05 22:08:29

Poo. SHe is not pooing. It has been 17 days. She is straining. Been given kids laxitives and supositories etc (sorry cant spell or type). But she only poos on treatment, not naturally. The amount she poos seems to suggest she may have a blockage further up. So she is not eating so much. Am seeing a peditrician next week as a emergency. If it gets any worst i need to go to a&e. She may have colon problems or something.

mears Fri 29-Jul-05 22:33:59

What a worry for you. I would think that it is important to keep your supply going. Did the breast feeding counsellor teach you how to hand express? It is a mind over matter thing really. If a pump does not work then you should try hand expressing to get the flow going. If you think about it your baby has been able to get milk out for the past 5 months due to her technique, so you know you can produce milk. Your supply is less because stimulation is less. Even if you do not get much einitially expressing kepp at it because it is stimulation in itself. Is your DD eating or drinking anything else?

lunachic Fri 29-Jul-05 22:39:57

fennel tea

Louise1970 Fri 29-Jul-05 23:05:23

i have had her on water, sugary water, juices. For the last three weeks i have tried to get her take it from a bottle but she will still not. I have tried different teats, spoons, soringes, cups, beackers spoons etc. She pushes her tongue out all the time. I persist up to an hour each time sometimes. From what i can see it seems to go in better youing an avent cup lid. But most goes down her as she pushes with her tongue. Sorry i need to go to bed now, its been a long day.

mears Sat 30-Jul-05 01:27:19

Hope it gets sorted for her soon Louise1970. Hopefully a B/F counsellor will be able to help you with expressing because she really should be having milk. Hopefully since she fed better yesterday she will breastfeed more tomorrow. Hope you get a good sleep.

mears Sat 30-Jul-05 01:29:05

Have you tried just spending the day in bed with her and letting her 'snack' at the breast whenever she wants? Perhaps that way she would could be persuaded to breastfeed more. Just a last thought before I go to bed.

Louise1970 Sat 30-Jul-05 08:52:40

Thanks mears, i will try and get her to feed more. Love to do the bed thing. But i also have a 20 1/2 month old son. She has fed well this morning, so hopefully it will carry on. FIngers crossed.

mears Sat 30-Jul-05 12:55:55

That sounds good. Have you anyone around who can help you with your DS till you get feeding sorted out? Hope she keeps up her efforts for you.

Louise1970 Sat 30-Jul-05 17:02:35

Its been a good day today, eaten much more. But also strained much more

Water has gone badly too, not getting much in. SHe really does seem happy at all other times. So i hope it is nothing serious.. Got to go as she is laughing at me, and i just want to go and give her a kiss.. x

mears Mon 01-Aug-05 14:42:45

Hope things have continued to improve over the weekend. It is more important that she drinks breastmilk than water TBH. Hopefully the paediatrician will be able to give good advice regarding management of bowel problems. Best wishes, mears

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