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supply question

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alux Fri 29-Jul-05 09:24:10

If I have b/f exclusively for 20 wks, how much will supply be affected if cannot b/f from 8am - 4 pm from Mon - Fri? Intend to pump around mid-day too.

I will continue to b/f in the evenings and nights.

alux Fri 29-Jul-05 09:27:41

ps: should have called it 'another supply question'.

Tiktok is a mummy angel.

tiktok Fri 29-Jul-05 09:34:22

Not an angel, alux......glad to say

There is no 'mathematical' answer to your question - too many individual variables.

Lets assume you are a 'good' producer and have no underlying issues of supply at any time.

I can make a guess. At 20 weeks, with a midday expressing, plus extra feeds at weekends, and bf in the morning and in the evening and night all week, I reckon your supply will be more or less unaffected, in that you will have enough for your baby as and when she wants it. However, I would predict that you will gradually get less at the midday expressing. This will not mean you will not have sufficient for your baby - so you need to be warned not to freak out when it happens.

I'd be interested to see if others guess the same as me!

alux Fri 29-Jul-05 19:38:56

thanks tiktok. makes me worry a lot less about going back to work. I can possibly go to nursery on mondays and fridays to give a feed as my timetable will permit this.

I think my supply is fine. Have not given dd any formula for about a month - last one i think was a month ago. it seems like that was the source of colic. she didn't like having the two.

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