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White wine and milk supply

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Franniban Thu 28-Jul-05 12:19:36

I've been advised by HV that dry white wine decreases your milk supply. Has anyone heard of this before, is it true? Surely one or two glasses wont effect it?

Tissy Thu 28-Jul-05 12:25:22

if it did, I didn't notice. That was my favourite tipple whilst I was bf dd( though in my defence m'lud, I didn't indulge until after she was asleep and likely to remain so for a few hours!).

tessasmum Thu 28-Jul-05 12:26:34

Only dry white wine?

Don't think it effected me, or Tessa for that matter. Then again I'm more of a red wine fan. I would have thought a relaxed mummy had more of a chance of feeding successfully. That will be my approach this time round too

aloha Thu 28-Jul-05 12:35:19

there is some evidence that alcohol has a small effect like this but i drink wine at night and my fully breastfed dd is HUGE! the effect is tiny and won't apply to everyone (i've always had a lot of milk)

tiktok Thu 28-Jul-05 12:45:10

Oh for goodness sake....I wish health visitors would just *shut up* about stuff they know nothing about. Instead, you get them laying the law down like this

There is some research to show a very small, very temporary impact on let down/supply, but no one has done any research (AFAIK) on whether red wine or beer or white wine or alcopops or champagne or brown ale or whatever is any more or less likely to have this.

Enjoy your white wine, Franniban, but do ask the HV where she got her info from.

AnotherHelen Thu 28-Jul-05 13:03:43

I agree with tiktok! health visitors talk out there ar*e's most of the time, and also agree with tessasmum - a happy relaxed mummy is better! I realise if women are going and getting a skinful all the time than obviously it will affect supply and lets face it, it wouldnt be very good for baby! I love a nice cold glass of wine occasionally and i plan on having one or two when breastfeeding this time!

highlander Thu 28-Jul-05 14:13:41

I got a tad wankered on champers last night and DS (10 months) did his usual up all night. Can't say I noticed any effect on my let down or supply.

Franniban Thu 28-Jul-05 21:31:03

Thanks girls, thought so! I actually prefer red wine, but dd is a bit collicy, so trying to see if it makes a difference to swap. Champange is good too!

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