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NCT breastfeeding counsellor - question for Tiktok

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throckenholt Thu 28-Jul-05 07:50:02

Can I ask a few questions about being a breastfeeding counsellor.

How long was the training ?
How often do you get asked for help ?
Is it mainly by phone ?
Is it mainly local people or on the national helpline ?
Do you get paid ?

I am toying with the idea (given I had big problems feeding my 3 and feel I have some experience !). But - there are at least 2 qualified and 1 trainee NCT bfcs within 5 miles of my village (in rural Norfolk) - not sure it would be worth the effort to have another one in teh same area.

tiktok Thu 28-Jul-05 09:43:09

Thorckenholt, contact NCT enquiries and ask for a breastfeeding counsellor info pack - 0870 444 8707.

No, we don't get paid; the training lasts 2-3 years for most people. This and all the rest of info in the pack

throckenholt Thu 28-Jul-05 09:49:20


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