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16 week old screaming after feeds last few days

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Seabird Wed 27-Jul-05 21:22:51

Please can someone help - DS is screaming all day and DD and I are at our wits' end!

DS has always been a relatively fussy feeder and posseted a little after feeds, and used to have quite bad wind, but things seemed to get better after about 12 weeks so I stopped using infacol/dentinox/colief.

But the last few days he's been yelling in seeming pain after daytime feeds - not immediately, but he starts anything between 10 and 40 mins after a feed. I would suspect (late onset?) reflux, but then (touchwood) he never gets it after the 1030pm feed (after which he sleeps til 7am). I'm mixed feeding and the symptoms are exactly the same whether he has breast or formula. It just seems really odd that this should have started at 16 weeks.

I'm taking him to the Dr in the morning but I suspect I might get more useful advice on here! Any ideas would be very much appreciated.

Nightynight Wed 27-Jul-05 21:58:40

poor you and poor ds
Are his nappies just the same as normal?

How sure are you that it is pain? could he be hungry again?

cant think of anything else just now.

nannyjo Wed 27-Jul-05 22:00:19

could it be trapped wind?? Do you use colic drops and try all sorts of winding positions??
Is he definitely full or has he realised he wahts more??

cornflake Wed 27-Jul-05 22:07:34

Similar with my son at that age. Colic drops seemed to help him again and I started weaning him. He just was not full. Maybe he doesn't cry after his late feed as he's so tired. Sometimes they are so difficult to figure out and he might just stop and you don't know what it was.
My HV said swallowing mucus can give them bad belly ache. Has he a cold or runny nose? Don't be afraid to use painkillers. Even if that isn't the problem it won't do him any harm and better that he can settle and relax. Infant paracetomol did the trick some nights.

Seabird Thu 28-Jul-05 09:48:27

Thanks for your suggestions everyone. Cornflake - hopefully you've hit the nail on the head! He's had a slight cold&cough the whole time this yelling has been going on so that could very well be it. I did try some calpol last night actually, I'll keep it up today. I hope it is that, as you say it's so difficult to know what's wrong when they're this age. Just when you think you've got them worked out something like this happens and throws you completely!

Seabird Thu 28-Jul-05 09:57:18

btw I know it's not hunger, he's never been a big feeder and it takes an hour to get him to take even 6oz of an 8oz bottle! Maybe the mucus doesn't affect him so much at the late feed because he's been asleep since 7pm usually so it hasn't been all stirred up (yuk!). Thanks again

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