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Breastfed baby Snacking..ahhhhhhhhhhh

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lockets Tue 26-Jul-05 12:40:05

Message withdrawn

WigWamBam Tue 26-Jul-05 12:41:26

I think a lot of babies get a massive growth spurt at about 12 weeks - it could just be that. Give her a few days and see if it settles down.

jessicaandbumpsmummy Tue 26-Jul-05 12:41:45

no advice hun, but big hugs..... hope little tinker calms down soon xxx

starlover Tue 26-Jul-05 12:42:24

agree with WWB.. growth spurt! ds did this at around the same age...

lockets Tue 26-Jul-05 12:44:10

Message withdrawn

lockets Tue 26-Jul-05 12:45:55

Message withdrawn

jessicaandbumpsmummy Tue 26-Jul-05 12:49:25

driving me mad!!! just sitting eating her lunch at the moment, i erally should try and get dressed!!! Its been that sort of morning!!!

lockets Tue 26-Jul-05 12:50:29

Message withdrawn

lockets Tue 26-Jul-05 12:58:47

Message withdrawn

lockets Tue 26-Jul-05 13:10:52

Message withdrawn

lockets Tue 26-Jul-05 13:24:03

Message withdrawn

CarolinaMoon Tue 26-Jul-05 13:27:21

Ds did this at that sort of age. Is it different if you're out? Could just be lack of other stuff to do if you are in. Or a growth spurt. Or something.

lockets Tue 26-Jul-05 13:30:57

Message withdrawn

tiktok Tue 26-Jul-05 14:37:27

Sorry, lockets.....what can I say? Snacking is normal. I can't see any benefit in trying to stop it. It will pass. It may be already passing, now you see she is disrracted from it when you are out.

otto Tue 26-Jul-05 15:04:23

My ds did this too and he never grew out of it until he was on solids and into a proper routine at around 6 months. I found it very frustrating as it meant he never had a full tummy and never slept for very long because he was always hungry. Sometimes I think I misred the signals and tried to feed him when he wasn't very hungry, which meant he only fed for a few minutes. I did crack it for a while by giving him expressed bottles. That way I knew he had a full feed, but he/we soon drifted back to snacking.

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