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periods and breast feeding??

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PinkArjuna Mon 25-Jul-05 19:29:09

I was of the understanding that periods would be delayed while breastfeeding. I had my DS 5 weeks ago and am breastfeeding exclusively for what seems to feel like constantly and I have my period. I will ring the midwife tomorrow but has anyone else experienced this? I am most disappointed to be in pain and grumpy when I thought I might get a reprieve even for a while. I know some people can be irregular later on but I have not heard of starting back so early.

spidermama Mon 25-Jul-05 19:31:06

Sre you sure it's period and not lochia? I know people do start periods again while bfing but that sounds very early.

I bled for 6-8 weeks after one of my births.

flowerfairy Mon 25-Jul-05 19:39:29

My periods came back quite early too. I had just about finished my lochia when af returned.

When I asked the nurse and doctor at my 6 weekcheck up they said it wasn't unheard of. Sometime after I found out that once you start feeding less regularly then your periods return, for example when baby starts sleeping through the night.

But this was me, and if you're concerned then I would get it checked out with the doctor. HTH.

Magscat Mon 25-Jul-05 20:13:07

I'm b/f at nearly 7 months and no period yet. I'm sure it varies loads but sounds like it would be worth getting checked out.

Magscat Mon 25-Jul-05 20:14:20

I also stopped bleeding really quick after the birth (about a week) but started again quite suddenly a week after that. Good luck with it!

NotQuiteCockney Mon 25-Jul-05 20:16:01

My periods came back, both times, when the baby started sleeping through (at 6 months and 9 months).

But a friend of mine had her period back at 6 weeks, even though she was exclusively breastfeeding, including night feeds. So it does happen.

Leogaela Tue 26-Jul-05 08:55:44

I had a period 6 weeks after birth. Was exclusivly bfeeding and doing 2 night feeds.
DS is now 5 months, still bfeeding and still doing one night feed, I have had 2 more peridos since then .
Get it checked to be sure it is a period.
Be careful as you could get pregnant again already !

Ruthiebaby Tue 26-Jul-05 09:59:36

DS is 5 mths and still bf. I got mine when ds was 4 months old. He had started to sleep through the night by then which is why (I think) they returned.

I had lochia for weeks after I had him though.

PinkArjuna Wed 27-Jul-05 12:59:07

Thanks - my locia stopped a few weeks ago so I suppose its the curse back again. I went to see the dr yesterday.

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