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not sure what is going on with breast feeding

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popsycal Sun 24-Jul-05 16:21:37

ds2 is 20 weeks and exclusively breast fed. he feeds every 3 hours and co sleeps at night and feeds lots.

i went back to work last week (on school hols now) and he had 2 6 oz bottles of ebm each day when i was at work

however, since then, things seem different....he us sucking me differently and biting, desnt seem to want to feed fron the right side and is feeding loads more in the night and less in the day. he isnt bothered about his morning feed really

i also feel fuller than normal

i want to get him out of my bed and into his cot fir several reasons.
i want to try to give him one bottke of ebm at least every other day so he remembers but dont want to be exoressing the whole time... think i have inadvertently increased my supply

help me devise a plan - night time first
dont want to go down controlled crying route at this young age

hunkermunker Sun 24-Jul-05 16:27:23

Is he teething? The biting makes me wonder if he is - but it could just be that he was able to bite on the bottle - DS used to do that! He also used to grab my boob and try to tip it back and forth like he did with the bottle!

Can you try expressing in the morning and giving him six ounces every other day? Or express when he has the EBM?

Glad you've done the back to work thing - hope it makes Sep less daunting!

popsycal Sun 24-Jul-05 16:34:28

Sensible idea.
I will try to express in the morning annd when he has ebm...i want to build up a supply in the freezer anyway so I dont have a panic come the end of august!

he may well be teething - hadn't really thougth of that .

I need to feed less in the night - but he won;t go in the cot...suspect I may try pick up put down....or a version of it

also wondering whether to try to push him to go a bit longer between feeds...

just thinking out oud really

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