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Food you eat affecting long does it take?

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OzJo Sun 24-Jul-05 05:40:58

Dear All, I have a gorgeous 3 week old son, who has breastfed 2 hourly since birth...he was 10 lb 01 oz at a big hungry lad. Anyway, he gets bad wind at times and I'm not sure if this is related to anything I'm eating, as it varies in time of day/night that he suffers. I'm prone to think he will get a bit windy whatever I do, perhaps he swallows some air when feeding sometimes. I've been told to aviod eating that many types of food there would be nothing left for me to eat if I took al the advice.
So, how long does it take for something that I eat to affect my breast milk? Any ideas anyone?

bobbybob Sun 24-Jul-05 07:37:35

I'd look at positioning before I started fiddling around with my diet if I had a 3 week old baby. And this is coming from a woman who hasn't eaten eggs for 2 years because ds is allergic to them. When bottlefed babies get windy - nobody asks what the cows ate.

tiktok Sun 24-Jul-05 10:58:57

I agree, bobbybob....the links between diet and bf exist, but they are hugely mythologised (IMHO). Any unexplained crying in a newborn is ascribed to wind, and then breastmilk is seen as a possible culprit. Speak to someone who knows about bf, OzJo, before you start cuttng stuff out of your diet.

spod Sun 24-Jul-05 15:51:07

Message deleted

bobbybob Sun 24-Jul-05 20:05:06

In such a young baby the improvement could be coincidence if you start to miss things out of your diet.

I would start to take probiotics yourself, as there is evidence that these come through breaskmilk and will help you ds's gut. I would also take a couple of falx seed oil tablets as they help the probiotics work. I would add these and then wait until 12 weeks (when colic is supposed to get better).

One of my friends spaced feeds out more and solved the problem - but then you wouldn't want to do that with a 3 week old.

Read the fussy baby by Dr Sears while you feed. it made me feel so much better, and have confidence in what you are doing.

bobbybob Sun 24-Jul-05 20:05:27

Sorry should be flax seed oil tablets.

shalaa Sun 24-Jul-05 21:29:16

My DS had awful wind and it was worse when I ate citrus fruits and grapes. It gets better as they get older!

OzJo Tue 26-Jul-05 05:35:37

Thanks folks, I think he's just going to be unsettled in the evenings for a while. I read a good thing in the Robin Barker book, re, try not to analyse why your baby does this/ that / the other, and focus on working out how to cope with it, chances are you'll never know exactly why they are doing a particular thing.
I'll get some yalult though, won't do any harm!

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