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Is it tidiness or not?

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fsmail Sat 23-Jul-05 09:39:04

Just out of interest thought I would do a survey on whether tidy, homeproud people are more likely to bottlefeed, i.e. are breastfeeders better at letting the house go. Any feedback would be interesting.

jampots Sat 23-Jul-05 09:40:12

I would say Im in between - im not anal about housework but dont like a mess either. I failed the breastfeeding thing twice and bottlefed

fsmail Sat 23-Jul-05 09:48:56

Thanks Jampot, I df most of the time but did give bottles when I could not cope with the mess and therefore also a bit of both.

fsmail Sat 23-Jul-05 09:48:57

Thanks Jampot, I df most of the time but did give bottles when I could not cope with the mess and therefore also a bit of both.

Fran1 Sat 23-Jul-05 09:52:42


How does giving bottles contribute to a tidy house.

I am quite obsessive about tidiness and house hold chores. I breastfed. And i was also quite mature enough to realise that if my dd needed a feed then the housework would have to wait!!

What did you do prop the bottle in baby's mouth whilst you did the hoovering??????

fsmail Sat 23-Jul-05 09:54:00

Thanks Fran for again making me not want to go on to mumsnet again!

Fran1 Sat 23-Jul-05 09:55:05


does that mean you are sensitivesubject?

If so have you read my response on your other thread?

lockets Sat 23-Jul-05 09:55:42

Message withdrawn

hercules Sat 23-Jul-05 09:55:58

this will defintely kick off.
Imagine asking if homeproud people are more likely to breastfeed, i.e. are bottlefeeders better at letting the house go.

Fran1 Sat 23-Jul-05 09:56:26

I'm not trying to be horrible. Genuinely shocked and having difficulty understanding how you think bottle feeding helps your house get tidier?

Do you leave the bottle propped in mouth?

IMO bottles make more mess in the kitchen!

lockets Sat 23-Jul-05 09:59:21

Message withdrawn

Fran1 Sat 23-Jul-05 10:03:24

Is this another, don't post if you don't agree thread.

I misunderstood your "Any feedback would be interesting" obviously.

I'm sorry but i just think its a crazy vision to imagine all houseproud women out there thinking they definitely couldn't afford the time to bother breastfeeding their babies!

kama Sat 23-Jul-05 10:13:00

Message withdrawn

fsmail Sat 23-Jul-05 10:13:26

I felt it was rather offensive of you to consider that I would leave a baby propped up with a bottle in his mouth while I hoovered. Do you get that, you are perfectly welcome to make your point without being offensive. End of story! That is nothing to do with agreeing or not agreeing

Fran1 Sat 23-Jul-05 10:13:55

Do expand on that comment Lockets.

Enid Sat 23-Jul-05 10:15:16

my house was lovely and tidy as dh did it while I lounged on the sofa breastfeeding, chatting on the phone and eating cake

misdee Sat 23-Jul-05 10:16:30

my house is a pit 6 days of the week, on the 7th i get a cleaner in.

i breastfeed.

lockets Sat 23-Jul-05 10:16:40

Message withdrawn

NotQuiteCockney Sat 23-Jul-05 10:17:44

It's an interesting question, but both breastfeeding/bottlefeeding and cleaning-obsessed/slovenly are sensitive issues, so I don't think this question is going to help anyone.

Noone's going to be happy to think, "oh, that's why I didn't manage to bf, I care too much about dusting!". And nobody's going to be happy to think "oh, that's why I managed to bf, I'm a disgusting slob".

Fran1 Sat 23-Jul-05 10:19:46

Lol nqc

maybe i should have said something more

(makes mental note for next time)

lockets Sat 23-Jul-05 10:30:33

Message withdrawn

fsmail Sat 23-Jul-05 10:40:38

Agree NQC. Did not think it would be so bad. Sorry folks

Fran1 Sat 23-Jul-05 10:44:28

You don't have to be sorry just don't tell me i make you want to leave!!

Out of interest have i made you want to leave before or were you speaking generally??

SoupDragon Sat 23-Jul-05 10:52:13

I have absolutely no idea why you think bf-ing leads to a messy house. What a load of rubbish! I breastfed both DSs but my house was a tip before then.

I am a naturally messy person. Some people are naturally tidy people.

DSs both finished feeding in under 15 minutes on average. Probably less time than it takes to sterilise bottles, teats, make up a feed, wash bottles etc...

And isn't your implication that breastfeeding mothers are not houseproud and better at letting the house go just as insulting as a comment about propping your baby up with a bottle whilst you hoover?

Fran1 Sat 23-Jul-05 11:02:43

Actually you're quite right SD i wasn't assuming you did prop a bottle, i was just asking how else you may have found bottle feeding an aid to tidying the house?

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