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Baby's weight plateauing-should I worry?

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Mirage Sat 23-Jul-05 09:25:52

I took DD2 to be weighed yesterday.She is eaxctly 9 wks old today & weighed 6lbs 12.5 oz at birth & was on the 25th percentile.By 4 wks she was 8lbs 15.5 oz & had shot up to the 75th percentile.Yesterday she was 10lbs 5.5 oz & had dropped bacvk to the 50th percentile.

There wasn't a HV at the weighing session & the lady weighing the babies said that I may want to speak to my HV about it.I haven't rung my HV yet because they always ssem to offer conflicting advice & DD2 will only drink a small amount at a time & I can't force feed a baby that is full! So,I can't really see what I can do about it.

DD2 is bottle fed with the odd BF 1st thing in the morning.She will rarely take more than 3-4oz every 3 hours & will go for a 4-5 hour stretch during the night.However,last night,she had 4oz at 8pm & slept right through until 4.30am.I am pleased that she slept through,but now wonder if I should wake her to feed her if she does it again.It goes against the grain to wake a sleeping baby,but after yesterday,I'm worried that she isn't getting enough milk.

She is a very alert,active little thing & generally happy.Any advice?

Tinker Sat 23-Jul-05 10:19:22

Mirage - my baby is exactly 9 weeks old today as well (in fact, born at 10.13 am!) and weighed 6lb 13oz! At 6 weeks she was 9lb 6oz and I've not had her weighed since. But, she seems to be staying on teh 25th line for now. So, maybe yours is just settling back down to a more natural weight? Maybe growth spurts have pushed her up a bit when weighed? She's alert and active etc so I wouldn't wake her, she sounds fine to me. But I'm no expert.

Aragon Sat 23-Jul-05 10:41:16

Mirage, I'm a HV and IMHO this sounds fine. If she's alert, active and happy then I'd just carry on with what you're already doing. Sleeping from 8pm til 4.30am sounds fabulous to me and hopefully she's not long off going through the night. . Don't worry - her weight is absolutely fine it can be very normal for them to jump about the centiles a bit when they're young and still adjusting. Mine went from the 75th to the 99.8th and now nothing gets him above the 50th (he's 2.5 now).

Mirage Sat 23-Jul-05 17:08:17

Thanks Tinker & Aragon.I don't know why I'm fretting as dd1 never conformed to any of the reccomended feeding amounts/times ect & she is just fine.The weighing lady just made me a bit paranoid I suppose.

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