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Windy Baby - Woodwards Gripe Water

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mandymac Fri 22-Jul-05 12:09:08

Started 1 month old DD on Woodwards Gripe water yesterday as she seemed very uncomfortable from 6pm to 10pm with wind which was hard to get her to bring up. Fingers crossed, it seemed to do the trick . Recommended dose is 5ml up to 6 times per day, but DD only seems to need about a quarter of this amount (dose is for 1 to 6 months old), and feeds more than 6 times per day. Do you think I am ok to use less, but a bit more often?

nailpolish Fri 22-Jul-05 12:41:54

i think that would be fine. hope it does the trick

hermykne Fri 22-Jul-05 12:57:03

agree with nailpolish should be fine, see if it makes a diff, leave maybe for a few feeds and notice how she is, remeber babies generally are unsettled between those hours u mention, and u might think its solving a wind problem but it might not be wind just generally crankiness after the day, it'll be trial and error til u get to know her pattern,
has it helped her wind?

mandymac Fri 22-Jul-05 13:24:28

Hi Nailpolish and Hermykne

After 2 nights where it was a real struggle to get her to settle after a feed - we were up from 2am to about 4.30am trying to settle her after 1 feed, we tried her on the gripe water last night and she pretty much settled straight after each feed - so DH and I got approx 7hrs kip (4 hrs & 3 hrs)Yay!

Have given her a tiny bit today after each feed and again seems alot more comfortable.

We were using infacol, but it just seemed to stop working about a week ago - weird.

nailpolish Fri 22-Jul-05 16:21:34

fingers crossed tonight is the same - i would just do what you did again, let us know how you get on xxx

mandymac Sat 23-Jul-05 13:28:28

Last night OK too. DD settled about 11.15pm until 3.45, then fed until about 4.45, had a bit of trouble settling her, so gave her to DH who was wide awake and he did the honours and I went to sleep in the spare room , till about 7.30 (as you can tell I am really obsessed with how much sleep I get! Not giving her the gripe water after every feed, just when she seems to need it.

sueanna Tue 26-Jul-05 19:55:20

MY DS is now 1 year old and is still having trouble with bringing up all of this wind. At night he is waking at 10.08pm and 11.42pm (on the dot!) every night with painful wind. Within 5 mins he brings up a massive burp on both occasions.
Does gripe water work for babies over 1 year?
Should I give it a go, does anyone have any other suggestions?

hermykne Tue 26-Jul-05 20:37:42

i'm sure it would do no harm, so give it a go?
is your little one having a liquid feed just prior to sleep, maybe he could have it a little before actual bed and this may give them the time to burp prior to sleeping

sueanna Tue 26-Jul-05 22:57:04

He has his last bottle around 6pm, then bath, then bed just before 7.30pm. So he has had a fair amount of time to burp. It's difficult for me to wind him as he just wants to be on his feet all the time and wriggles until I put him down.

I just can't believe the amount of wind he keeps down. We use the Dr Browns bottles which have been a godsend, however, since turning 1 he seems to be getting more and more unsettled.

Are there any foods that can cause top end wind, or is it purely bottle feeding? Straw grasping I think.... anyway, I'll give the gripe a go, can't do any harm.

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