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Thrush and stopping feeding

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ZoeC Thu 21-Jul-05 15:09:51

I'm mixed feeding with a view to gradually stopping altogether, but I think I have thrush again (or still, depending on if I ever actually got rid of it in the first place).

I don't seem to ever get rid of it fully with daktarin - is it likely to be better once I stop feeding or will I need something stronger. I'm hoping once me and dd2 stop passing it back and forth maybe the daktarin will be enough. I'm not in so very much pain, but I have very cracked nipples that I now suspect are down to the thrush (they drip blood sometimes - sorry tmi, just horrified me )

I've started treating dd2 with oral gel again and will sterilise everything.

fisil Thu 21-Jul-05 15:33:32

i stopped feeding 1st time round cos of the pain of thrush. it was all better (and the mastitis) after just one weekend!

spidermama Thu 21-Jul-05 15:45:25

I'm so sorry. I had this with my fourth child and found the pain unbelievable. It was in the ducts and on the nipple and took quite a bit of shifting.

I managed to carry on feeding, and am really glad I did, but it was agony. I had to take pain killers all the time and couldn't even let the water of the shower touch my nipples.

The thrush stayed for about six weeks and, in desperation, I went to a homeopath. It cleared up within 48 hours of my taking the remedy.

If you prefer the conventional route ..... You have to make sure you're treating the baby as well as yourself (the doctor should give you nystatin drops). The Breastfeeding Network have excellent advice on this because Doctors aren't always clued up about how best to treat it and are out of date on recommended dosages.

I took out a print out from the BF network and showed it to my doctor who was grateful.

You probably know all this but I'll reel it off just in case ....

Cut out sugar, wheat and yeast completely for the time being. Take lots of pro-biotics (acidophulus bifodus from health food shop). Live yogurt put straight on nipples and/or eaten.

Put your nursing bras in vinegar or put a bit of vinegar in the wash they're in to kill the fungus.

Lansinoh is the ONLY nipple cream recommended by the Breastfeeding Network. It is very gentle, great for protecting moist wounds while they heal (cracked nipples) and doesn't need to be washed off before feeding baby because there's nothing nasty in it.

I highly recommend the BF Network. Sorry I'm still not able to do links.

You WILL beat this.

All the very best. x

eidsvold Sat 23-Jul-05 12:21:11

my gp presrcibed dd2 with nystatin drops for her oral thrush and the oral gel for my nipples - after every feed. Once dd2 had the drops and I started the daktarin gel - it took no time to clear up and stop being painful. Agree about the lansinoh - fab cream..also try and air them as much as possible.

icklelulu Sat 23-Jul-05 13:42:37

Have u ever been prescribed clotrimazol?Daktarin never worked for me but that did.
Good luck

ZoeC Sat 23-Jul-05 19:43:21

The daktarin seems to work, it's just I've had it three times in four months so I'm either unlucky or I never quite get rid properly. Dd is on daktarin gel now too, which is working fine. I suspect between us one of us never quite fully gets clear and we just pass it back and forth.

Will plod on - am feeding less myself anyway (for other reasons) so am hoping it will become less of a problem in time.

Thanks for your replies

buddy1 Tue 26-Jul-05 01:05:58

My baby boy is 7 months old and I have suffered from thrush on and off since he was born. Best remedy for me is fluconazole tablets taken every second day for at least five tabs, then straight onto nystatin tabs three times a day for two weeks. Baby also has daktarin oral gel in mouth. Yes, also cut out sugar, wheat and alcohol, and had to rely heavily on paracetamol for pain in the early days when the base of my nipple looked like someone had taken a razor blade to it. It is the worst possible affliction you could suffer, and I'm very sympathetic. Medical fraternity needs much more awareness and info to help nursing mothers beat this curse

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