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After NICU/SCBU - moving to breast only

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merryberry Tue 19-Jul-05 08:34:15

Can I ask for your thoughts? No rush, I sure appreciate how time flies now! Vin was on a drip for three days to combat severe jaundice subsequent to induction for pre-eclampsia then I had to cup/NG feed him in SCBU for three days as well. All this on top of on demand breastfeeding, where my milk came in substantially at day 6 only. He is 12 days today and still getting between 40-100ml top up milupa aptimil by bottle everyday in one or two feeds.

His weight went from 7lb1oz at birth, down 10% during the 'yellow weekend' of jaundice and yesterday he was up to 7lb 8oz (yay! go momma's boobies!!). But given he has 8-10 BFs a day and some of those are clusters indicating he is training breasts to make more I just don't know when to try and express any yet to replace his formula with. Midwife says he has no nipple confusion and is fine carrying on like this indefinetely, but i do worry that he will be won over by the ease of the bottle. What do you think? Should i bother with expressing or get over my anxiety at not giving him all his food myself?

Many thanks in advance, xx

Tissy Tue 19-Jul-05 08:49:30

Do you need to give him formula at all? The best way to make more milk is to feed on demand and have plenty of relaxed skin to skin contact. As long as you are giving formula, that is milk that you body isn't making, IYSWIM. If he's hungry I would give him a breast first and see what happns, he could just be sucking on the bottle "because it's there".

Tissy Tue 19-Jul-05 08:51:05

What I meant to say was, don't express to replace the formula, just give him the breast. HTH.

Ladymuck Tue 19-Jul-05 08:59:00

WHen ds1 left SCBU (Day 4) he was mainly formula fed, though he ws sucking on my breast every 3 hours (I had little joy in expressing). The advice I was given was to reduce the amount of formula at each feed by 5ml each day (I was topping up by 40ml each feed, so Day 5 reduced to 35ml per feed, Day 6 to 30ml etc). This worked well for me and within 3 or 4 days he was fully b/fed.

vickiyumyum Tue 19-Jul-05 09:07:45

if your milk supply is plentiful, express, especially at the times when you are not seeing him, e.g after visiting him. you don't want to do it too close to a visit though, but if you express after you have fed him then that should be fine.
does your scbu/nicu not have a breast pump room, where you can go and express after feeding Vin?

merryberry Tue 19-Jul-05 10:47:48

CHEERS guys. He's home already...and ravenous. Everyone laughs at what a hungry healthy baby he is - except the woman attached to the permasuckled boobs of course

That's why he seems to need supps, I can't manage enough yet for him. When I express i'm empty! Argh!


Tissy Tue 19-Jul-05 12:09:44

you will manage enough if you let him suck as long as he wants. The idea of reducing the formula little by little is good

hub2dee Fri 05-Aug-05 23:33:42

merry - when we're through with that Bestfeeding book, come cackle in our direction and borrow it if you like... it has loads of useful, direct, simple advice and many stories, images, research findings etc. to support their comments. A good read. Especially for those in Permasuckledom.

mears Sat 06-Aug-05 20:34:56

merryberry - definately follow ladymuck's advice and reduce formula gradually. You do not need to express but just feed on demand. Try not to count the number of feeds he gets or time them. The more he sucks, the more milk he makes. Babies are more efficient at stimulating milk production than pumps.
TBH I think you coulsd actually go cold turkey and stop the top-ups as you are not giving that much if it is just 2 feeds a day. Have confidence in your body

mears Sat 06-Aug-05 20:35:15

How's it going Hub?

hub2dee Sat 06-Aug-05 20:43:15

hiya mears !

Sadly, mastitis is rearing its ugly head. Just back from trip to after-hours doc and all-night chemist with ABs. Cabbage on the way. Have done hot bath and expressing.

Are you OK ? Do I need to resurrect your 'Assignment' thread ???

popsycal Sat 06-Aug-05 20:47:26

merryberry - just wanted to let you know that 3 years ago to the day i was in the severe jaundice situation. DS1 was three on wednesday and was taken into scbu at three days old and was orange....
after a very scary few weeks he was fine

He is now a strapping 35lb three year old who never shuts up.

Cant help with your original question but just wanted to let you know that someone had been there and came out the other side

mears Sat 06-Aug-05 20:53:23

Assignment still in pipeline - was going to work on it tonight but sis is coming round for an impromptu visit. Have interview for a secondment to another post on Friday so have to prepare presentation. I work better under pressure

Ibuprofen (Nurofen) is good pain killer for mastitis by the way, despite the packet saying not for breastfeeding mums. That is just blanket manufacturer's statement. Has been shown to be effective and no harm to babe. Hope it clears soon - should be much improved in 48 hours.

hub2dee Sat 06-Aug-05 21:02:45

tut tut

enjoy time w sis.

is new post fun & different ???

will give dw nurofen... esp. as temp not too bad at the mo...

spk soon.

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