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How to go from breast to bottle?

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Louise1970 Sun 17-Jul-05 21:51:11

I am trying to give a little water to my dd2, especially in this heat. She is very constipated and i have been advised by NHS direct, docs, mw and hv to give some water. I have tried avent bottles, nuk bottles, spoons, cups, avent non spill, and plastic syringe. But she just will not take anything else, but the breast. It was not this hard with ds1. Its been a week now. Any suggestions?

chipmonkey Mon 18-Jul-05 02:56:55

Louise, I tried my ds3 with all sorts of bottles, teats etc. The teats that finally worked were MAM ultivent teats . They fit the Avent bottle perfectly. I also found, on the advice of Mears that if you face baby away from you and walk around, they will take a bottle a bit better. Are you drinking enough water yourself btw? Its unusual for baby to be constipated if you're bf. by the way, I did get the MAM bottles but found them a bit fiddly to clean, sterilise and heat compared to Avent. Much better to just use the teats.

bobbybob Mon 18-Jul-05 05:18:01

Can't you just give her an extra feed?

chipmonkey Mon 18-Jul-05 10:57:23

Or if you gave just a few "quickie" feeds maybe would just get the foremilk, which is waterier.

edam Mon 18-Jul-05 11:03:28

IIRC breastfed babies tend not to need extra water as they get all the liquid they need from bmilk. But since your dd2 is constipated, that's not very helpful, I guess.

One possible tip - when we were trying to get ds to take a bottle, he kicked up a huge fuss. Dh worked out it was because either I was holding him or I was in the room and he knew he could get the sort of milk he was used to and preferred. Dh went and got the bra I had been wearing earlier (this was night-time) so it smelt of breastmilk to ds. And sent me out of the room so ds didn't have an alternative in sight. He got on with bottles after that. Don't know if it would work with water, but maybe worth a try at some point when your dh is around to help?

Another idea although wil be frowned on here, is to give her a teaspoon of diluted orange juice. Suggested by my HV. OJ does help constipation but has been criticised here - however, I'd think one teaspoon isn't a bad thing?

KiwiKate Mon 18-Jul-05 11:20:16

apparently diluted apple juice can also help with constipation.

hunkermunker Mon 18-Jul-05 11:21:05

Is she actually constipated? Hard poo?

Louise1970 Mon 18-Jul-05 19:27:13

Thanks all. Been a hectic day here. Sorry not replied til now. Just read all your message and i have tried most things suggested, even asking partner to give her the water. But did not work. NOt tried the bra technique though. My partner is always working and she is asleep when he is not. (Dp away 15 hours from home). I have just come back from the docs as it was getting quite bad and needed an emergency appointment, she was screaming in so much pain. Doc said that most BF babies can go without water, but she would advise that most do have a little. Especially mine. She said that most babies to do a poo most days but agin not all babies. She has said that because she is in so much stress, they will give her lactulose. They said if she gets constipated again they will investigate for bowel problems.
I hope she will be alright now. Just given her her 1st dose.... Fingers crossed....

vkone Mon 18-Jul-05 20:13:11

My HV suggested using the cap of the Avent bottle as it makes a great first cup, it took ages to get DS to drink water (even tho he was mostly bottle fed) but using the cup was excellent as since then he has always had water from a cup or beaker, never a bottle. Do just perserve and am sure HV would have said this but don't give it at milk feeding time but inbetween so that she doesn't feel fobbed off (sorry, if that's grandmothers and eggs)

chipmonkey Mon 18-Jul-05 21:51:10

Actually, yes, my ds will take fluids from the cap of the avent bottle too. Think its different from the breast and he doesn't think the wool is being pulled over his eyes! I have to say when he was fully bf he would go at least 4 days between poos, and that is within the normal range for a bf baby. Also, my ds took diluted apple juice from the bottle for my mum, she ran out of EBM!

Louise1970 Thu 21-Jul-05 07:07:39

Tried the Avent cap yesterday. It is better than anything else i have tried, thankyou. I still need her to drink a bottle though incase i need to give up breast feeding. Still no poo though. I will leave it til Friday then go to the doctors if not.

Leogaela Fri 22-Jul-05 11:41:57

Louise1970. If she takes a few drops of water at at a time it will probably help. DS also had constipation problem and I find it helps if I drink lots of apple juice. 2 large glasses mixed wiht water is usually enough.

I live in switzerland and here the doctors, midwives and everyone you talk to suggest giving very weak cammomile or fennel tea.

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