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Water for 'thirsty' babies

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SpikeMomma Sat 16-Jul-05 20:34:46

The MIL suggested giving DS some water as he may be thirsty in this heat.

I'm solely breast feeding and have been told there is no need to give them water as they get what they need from bf. milk. so haven't bothered - to be honest he seems content as he is.

But thought it would make an interesting debate as fashions change and it was obviously done in her time of rearing sprogs. What do you think/heard/do...?

jessicaandbumpsmummy Sat 16-Jul-05 20:37:22

my mum said to give water when i had jess last summer and the HV went mad saying no way.

BF didnt last long enough to worry any way, so she went on to a small amount of water between feeds.

mum said it never did us any harm!

WigWamBam Sat 16-Jul-05 20:39:54

The composition of breastmilk adjusts according to the weather, so there's no need to give additional water. I'm sure there's no harm in giving water (cooled and boiled) but as far as I understand it, there is no need to do so.

Cam Sat 16-Jul-05 20:40:19

I introduced sips of water when I started solids even though I was still breastfeeding as well.

spidermama Sat 16-Jul-05 20:41:24

I've never given any of my 4 anything but breastmilk and they've been fine. You should make sure YOU drink enough in this heat.

The problem with giving them water is they may suck on you slightly less, thereby decreasing your supply a little, and interfering with that perfect communication of supply and demand you share.

wysiwyg Sat 16-Jul-05 20:48:04

I was told breastfed babies don't need water, formula fed do. Also I offer DS water with his meals (solids)

NotQuiteCockney Sat 16-Jul-05 21:04:37

As Cam says, once you're giving solids, you give water. Otherwise, breastmilk will do the job just fine.

It certainly used to be standard, though, I remember my MIL being boggled by not giving DS1 water (or formula).

moondog Sat 16-Jul-05 21:06:23

Never gave water to my breastfed two,even in hot places like Thailand,Malaysia,Sri Lanka and Dubai.

Why make life more complicated? They don't need it.

JulieF Sat 16-Jul-05 23:56:02

I used to leave ds water on Saturdays when I worked and it was hot aqs well as the ebm or sometimes I would let my milk separate and leave the foremilk.

Otherwise I only gave water at 6 months when he was weaning.

chipmonkey Sun 17-Jul-05 17:15:21

Water is only necessary when solids are introduced, no matter what the weather! I have started giving ds3 a little water with meals because ds1 and ds2 never drink it, and I want to get him into the habit of drinking water rather than juice etc.

CarolinaMoon Sun 17-Jul-05 17:20:14

nope, no need. bm is watery enough in the heat and sterile too.

Satine Sun 17-Jul-05 18:04:40

What is it with mothers and water? Mine was hell bent on giving my two water and today we visited some family friends with their grandchild and my mother was saying again "They're not giving that baby any water, you know..." It's an obsession with her. When she's old I expect she'll take to carrying bottles round with her to feed strange babies water in the supermarket.

charliegirl25 Sun 17-Jul-05 22:22:30

Message withdrawn

highlander Mon 18-Jul-05 09:33:01

LOL satine

Kharmellion Mon 18-Jul-05 09:49:31

We keep a bottle of water ready just in case, but DS has been having water since he was v little (he's only just short of 5 months now) as he sufferered from bad bunged up bowels. Now he's more regular, even in this heat, he only has a couple of sips of water when he is offered and then not every day. He's been bottlefed since 2 weeks old (probably the change from BF to bottle that caused the constipation) and our HV and midwife advised the water to try to loosen him up. Somedays if he had a lot of water it just seemed to go straight through him and soak the nappies!

aloha Mon 18-Jul-05 10:04:35

No need. Don't bother. Breastmilk adapts anyway (it's such amazing stuff!) so is more thirst quenching when your baby needs it.

lynny70 Mon 18-Jul-05 10:10:45

Message deleted

tiktok Mon 18-Jul-05 11:51:58

lynney, before formula was widely available, mothers who did not breastfeed gave diluted cows milk to which they added sugar. Earlier formulas did not have their protein modified, so they were harder to digest, too. Water was routinely recommended, prob because babies were more constipated.

[Mothers' milk would be unaffected by poor diet and rationing, by the way]

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