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Breastmilk in babys food

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Ruthiebaby Wed 13-Jul-05 10:41:44

I've started to wean my son - so far it's been good on the baby rice but I'm starting to try him on veg and fruit now. I want to puree the cooked veg and fruit and mix it with his babyrice. I am still breastfeeding ds and I want to use the babyrice which is mixed with breastmilk.

My question is - if I want to make a job lot and freeze it, do I mix the puree with the babyrice first and then freeze ?
Or, do I freeze the pureed food and then mix with babyrice when it's defrosted ?

Please help as I want to start this afternoon

Cristina7 Wed 13-Jul-05 10:44:48

With DS I only used milk with the veg, not babyrice too. I'll be interested in how it can be done, though.

SoupDragon Wed 13-Jul-05 11:07:28

I wouldn't think babyrice would freeze well... from memory, doesn't it go all yucky and liquid very shortly after being made up? I'd add baby rice when you're thawing the veg to feed.

SoupDragon Wed 13-Jul-05 11:08:22

Now I think about it, I'm fairly sure I just used to mix the baby rice in if the puree was too runny - didn't make it up with milk first or anthing

Ruthiebaby Wed 13-Jul-05 11:41:24

Hmm...if I don't use babyrice, should I add the milk first and then freeze ?

Do I have to use milk ? God, this is so confusing.

Yes Soupdragon, it does go all runny shortly after being made.

LIZS Wed 13-Jul-05 11:47:57

Add the milk and rice fresh to defrosted purees. With dd I thickened her food using baby rice (defrosted stuff is often more watery) but did not always add milk too.

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