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how much milk....

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malachismum Mon 11-Jul-05 11:03:25

Ds has just turned one and i am cutting out his afternoon feed so want to do breakfast bottle and bedtime bottle, how many oz should he have? Also cant get him to eat breakie as he wants to feed himself but cant keep, readybrek,porridge, weetabix etc on his spoon. have tried milk bottle with breakie, before breakie and after breakie but he still wont eat?Help

Maddison Mon 11-Jul-05 14:40:46

Hi MM - sorry I don't have any advice for you reagrding the amount of milk your DS should have since DS1 refused to have any milk from about 5 months and DS2 is only 8 weeks old so I don't know how many ounces he would need.

As for the breakfast, have you tried making the porridge really thick so at least some of it will make it to his mouth?

Sorry I don't have any more advice for you, hopefully someone else will come up with more ideas

I'm really sorry

Seona1973 Tue 12-Jul-05 13:23:24

The minimum from 1 year is 350mls (around 12ounces) and that includes milk with cereal, in foods, etc. Dairy products such as yoghurts, cheese, etc also count.

Try to make the cereal quite thick so it stays on the spoon better. I normally let my dd have a spoon and while she is fiddling about with it I use another spoon to put the food in her mouth. An alterantive is to use cereals such as cheerios, shreddies, etc as they can then pick them out of the bowl with their fingers if they are having trouble with the spoon.

Seona1973 Tue 12-Jul-05 13:26:02

forgot to say:
when my dd reached 1, I stopped offering a breakfast bottle and gave her a sippy cup of milk with her breakfast instead. She now (20 months old) has an open topped beaker with a couple of ounces of milk at breakfast and a small avent magic cup of milk before bed. That is all the milk she drinks but she does have yoghurt, cheese, etc to make up the rest of her intake.

malachismum Tue 12-Jul-05 18:40:24

I tried a weetabix this morning and dampened it with milk and that worked reaaly well. I have cut his afternoon bottle and have been giving him 9oz bottle of formula AFTER his breakie and 9oz at bedtime. Seems to be working well. He does eat yogs and cheese. I have replaced his 3pm bottle with some banana and a little round edam cheese thing which he seems to like. Next step is to change from bottle to beaker for his milk. He has a beaker of water through the day but will only use the ones with the handles, not the Tommie Tippee one that you hold like a glass. Thanks for you advice.

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