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BF milk supply - advise?

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SpikeMomma Fri 08-Jul-05 10:15:40

I'm worried my milk supply isn't kicking in as well as it was. (Had really good engorgement after about 4 days but has decreased now so ds staying on longer).

How can i increase it? I've tried massaging my breasts - left one is poorer producer than right one. Got to about 6 times a day so far.

Any advise much appreciated as really enjoy it and worried that milk will reduce to point i can't feed my baby.

Many thanks.

starlover Fri 08-Jul-05 10:17:38

you had him! where's the birth announcement????????

feed him as much as poss.... just let him feed and feed and feed! it works on supply and demand... so the more he wants, the more you'll make

Enid Fri 08-Jul-05 10:17:56

go to bed with baby and let them feed as often as they want for a day or two.

Eat and drink plenty.

starlover Fri 08-Jul-05 10:18:09

you won't stay engorged... and it is a bit worrying when you don't feel as full... but that doesn't mean you aren't producing just as much (if not more)

spidermama Fri 08-Jul-05 10:19:03

How old is your baby? It's quite normal for boobs to get less full pretty quickly. It just means they're working more efficiently. It's also quite normal for one to work better than the other.
If you want to conciously build up your supply, lie down whenever you can as this helps lactation. Also, let baby suck for as long as he/she wants.

aloha Fri 08-Jul-05 10:19:22

engorgement is NOT proof of a good milk supply. Massaging will do nothing. feeding builds supply.
why do you think you don't have enough? I bet you do!

Tinker Fri 08-Jul-05 10:20:33

Is it not your 1st baby? Have never felt as full with 2nd as did with 1st bt still as much milk in there.

Enid Fri 08-Jul-05 10:21:24

yes give up massage it won't help

ds is staying on longer to help you build up your supply

make sure latch is correct just to make sure you dont get any soreness

MarsLady Fri 08-Jul-05 10:21:42

I didn't often feel full and I was feeding twins (until very recently).

To build up your supply feed as often as baby wants. Your supply shouldn't just dry up.

Congratulations btw

mandyc66 Fri 08-Jul-05 11:07:43

nature is fantastic..the milk will always (almost) be there when the baby needs it. The fullness dies down when good feeding is established as you are producing what is needed!! When baby feeds abit more then slows a bit you will feel full as you have produced enough for the extra feed he did have! Does any of that make sense?

welshmum Fri 08-Jul-05 13:48:14

It might be my imagination but I've been drinking fennel tea (primarily for ds' digestive system) and I think it's also boosted my milk supply. Could be completely wrong though and just my body settling into his rhythm. Worth a try?? Other than that I agree with everyone else - feed like itt's going out of fashion.

jabberwocky Fri 08-Jul-05 13:51:56

There's also a lactation tea here that I drank some when I was nursing. I honestly don't know if it helped or not, but I had no trouble with producing plenty of milk.

SpikeMomma Fri 08-Jul-05 17:48:21

Thanks loads for your wise words. Have realised supply is fine. Had midwife around today and all is really well.

Starlover, good to hear from you. Still recuperating, so could'nt be both'd to do birth announcement yet (too passive ). But message on passive birth thread.

Many thanks all. The kid loves me boobies; and my boobies love him! x

starlover Fri 08-Jul-05 17:49:32

yeah found the announcement... hidden away!now bugger off and be passive with a cream cake and a cup of tea... is your dp/dh on paternity leave? make the most of it while you can!

SpikeMomma Fri 08-Jul-05 17:49:52

Also, re. teas, midwife did mention same thing, so may be something in it. So, thanks for that.

aloha Fri 08-Jul-05 17:50:13


starlover Fri 08-Jul-05 17:50:35

btw... what's his name?

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