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gp thinks it's colic - a few questions

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vic891 Thu 07-Jul-05 16:13:08

have posted a couple of times - here and on the 'sleep' board - about ds (7 weeks) and feeding/sleeping problems. after a bad night (ds awake and crying from 4am) we went to the gp today, who thinks it's colic plus a bit of reflux. already using infacol, and have been prescribed infant gaviscon. reading the leaflet it sounds as though the latter is going to be a nightmare to administer (i am b/fing and don't really want to express) - any tips??? also plan to lift the head end of ds's moses basket - anyone had success with this? any other top colic tips welcome!

sanchpanch Thu 07-Jul-05 16:14:37

we found the best stuff to be the gripe water, we also put a blanket under head end to raise it slightly

LIZS Thu 07-Jul-05 16:17:31

If it is only a bit of reflux I would try the raising bed head, sitting upright after feeds etc first. dd had reflux and we only resorted to milk thickener occasionally with ebm or formula when weaning. It didn't seem to make much difference to her anyway.

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