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Can tongue-tie increase wind/colic?

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AnnieGetYourGun78 Sun 24-Jan-10 21:01:09

My 8 wk old son has a tongue tie but initially fed really well and has continued to gain a good amount of weight. However, he is really colic-y - for about the past 5 weeks - both in the day and in the evening and swallows a lot of air which gets trapped and causes him a lot of we have a lot of tears.

Does anyone have any experience of this and did getting it snipped seem to help? I should stress he is gaining weight and taking on lots of milk but is just in a lot of pain afterwards.

thanks for your help!!

AnnieGetYourGun78 Sun 24-Jan-10 21:11:40

should have said DS is breast fed!

ByThePowerOfGreyskull Sun 24-Jan-10 21:13:19

I would say that it sounds reasonable to assume it, have you thought about having it snipped? a friend of mine on here (can find her for you if you want) had her son's snipped and would do it again like a shot.

AnnieGetYourGun78 Sun 24-Jan-10 21:21:02


thinking about it yes - although HV was not keen and said if it was going to be a problem it would have been so from birth - but he was ok for the first couple of weeks.

smallorange Sun 24-Jan-10 21:29:21

My dd3 had Tongue tie which severly affected her feeding so it was snipped at 2 weeks which helped enormously.

But she continued to suffer terrible wind and I wonder if this was due to still having s slight Tongue tie. Things have settled alot as she is 7 months ANC eating alot of solid food now.

I'm glad she had the Tongue tie snipped - it was a very quick, painless procedure.

My own Tongue tie was snipped by the dentist when I was six because it was causing a lisp. It might be worth talking things through with your GP.

smallorange Sun 24-Jan-10 21:30:59

Stupid predictive text on phone - hope my post makes sense

thisisyesterday Sun 24-Jan-10 21:34:00

hmm ok well yes, it is possible that a tongue tied baby takes in more air

BUT i would think that a tongue tied baby that is feeding well and not causing you any problem must have a pretty good latch and thus air intake can't be that bad??

I would say wait a bit longer and see. you say for the past 5 weeks... so starting around 3 weeks? this is CLASSIC time for colic, so may be utterly unnrelated to tongue tie
my second son had a tongue tie which was snipped, but he was still terribly colicky until around 12 weeks

7-8 weeks is normally the peak time for colic, and you could reasonably expect it to start easing and getting slightly better from now on

personally, I would leave it be for a couple more weeks and just review then.

AnnieGetYourGun78 Sun 24-Jan-10 21:39:58

Thanks everyone...have DS's six week check on Feb5th so will see how we go on in the run up to that.

I can hear him gulping the air as he feeds and burp him for up to 40 mins after a feed - even then with not much joy!

Just wish i knew if it was the tongue tie givng him the trouble! I would cerainly much rather have it snipped now than when he is older and knows what is going on so will defo discuss it with the GP!

Thanks all

Tras Sun 24-Jan-10 21:49:33

Hopefully the colic will pass soon. Am sure you have tried all the 'cures'! Try cutting diary products out of your diet as that can irritate them. Are you sure he doesnt have a reflux/silent reflux? My HV said to me that colic is only in the evenings and if it lasts all day it may be something else. My DD had colic which started in the evening but then she started crying after every feed and it turned out to be reflux and lactose intolerance.

She did stop crying after every feed at 8wks once I stopped breast feeding and switched to lactose free formula. However that was my own choice and obviously breast is always best. (However on my occasions I did wonder!)

Sorry your having a hard time, just remember your not alone.

AnnieGetYourGun78 Sun 24-Jan-10 22:04:30

Thanks Tras - no not certain it is colic - had not even considered it could be anything else though! Will read up on reflux and lactose intolerance and see!

He NEVER cries after feeding at night though - not sure what that tells me though!!

Thanks Tras x

missymum Sun 24-Jan-10 22:25:04

My 8wk old dd had a Tongue tie which I had snipped at 10d old, for me the decision came from Reading about longer term problems associated with tongue tie. My dd fed well too but was also v windy, however not sure that has changed tbh, wanted to know that she would be able to lick an icecream, French kiss when older if she wanted too, both of which not always possible with a bad Tongue tie, also some link to speech problems have been documented... Fwiw it's much more difficult to get a dr to snip it when a child is older, the procedure is best done prior to 6 months. Worth considering in my humble opinion.

thisisyesterday Mon 25-Jan-10 19:31:17

it won't be lactose intolerance, it's very rare for a child to be truly lactose intolerant, and if he was then he'd would have been poorly since birth and unable to have breastmilk as it contains lactose/

it could be a cow's milk protein intolerance, in which case cutting it out of your diet would improve things.
but from what you say i wouldn't suspect that as you would normally see other symptoms, and he would be like it all the time, not just in the day.

i reckon it's colic, plain and simple, and in all likelihood he'll grow out of it over the next few weeks

ClumsyUncle Fri 20-Jan-17 21:59:39

My niece has tongue tie and tonight her stomach was full of wind... I mean FULL!

I have decided to go for the technique that has always worked on me so I'm having a go at pulling her finger. No joy yet but I'll keep trying... 😉

AndyJohnsonCreek Sun 19-Feb-17 19:11:04

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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