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bottle feeding question please

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BigBumpBonnie Wed 06-Jul-05 09:22:46

When I had dd (2) I used to warm her milk before giving it to her. This meant when we went out I used to take a flask of hot water to heat up the bottles and it also meant getting up at night to heat the milk. I'm 27 weeks pg at the moment and I read a thread recently where someone said about always giving the milk at room temperature. Is this ok to do? It would mean I could take out bottles and just mix the powder in when needed, no need for flasks and it would also mean not having to get up in the night to get the bottles from the fridge to heat them up if I took the bottles to bed with me unmixed.

This would make life so much easier, but is it ok for the baby or are they better with warmed milk??

JulieF Wed 06-Jul-05 10:50:18

It is perfectly fine for the baby and MUCH MUCH easier. I think the warming bottles thing is more relevant if you have made up feeds in advance and kept them in the fridge. You warm it rather than giving it to the baby fridge cold.

QueenOfQuotes Wed 06-Jul-05 10:53:10

Go for it the vast majority of babies don't have any problems with it at all and are quite happy wiht milk any temperature - and definitley something to encourage

- I tried desperately hard to get DS2 to have room temp milk - but even now at 19 months, and repeated efforts to slowly descrease the temp of the milk he still wants it hot - keep telling him if he wanted 'hot milk' on demand he should have taken my Breast milk when I tried to feed him LOL

jessicaandbumpsmummy Wed 06-Jul-05 10:54:42

Jess has always had room temp formula, just switched her to full fat cows milk, and thought "oh my god, im gonna have to heat bottles" but no, she has taken to it straight out of the fridge! RESULT!

cacaboo Wed 06-Jul-05 11:29:21

Same here, DS took formula at room temperature - at least until he started nursery where they warm the milk.

fruitful Wed 06-Jul-05 11:31:43

Yep, ds has it room temp too. He'll drink it straight from the fridge but he splutters a bit...

Depends whether you're going to bf for a bit first as well. If he's got used to body temp he might need it warmed a bit at first!

BigBumpBonnie Wed 06-Jul-05 12:25:58

thanks for the response. It will be so much easier. I was even contemplating buying another microwave and a mini fridge for the bedroom so i could warm bottles without having to go downstairs! at least I won't have to do that now. Let's hope dd2 likes her milk at room temp

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