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13 month old suddenly refusing milk...but still crying and signing for it

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mumtojohn Sat 16-Jan-10 20:26:29

My DS has suddenly (since this afternoon) started refusing his bottle. This is pretty much unheard of. He has never refused his night-time milk and tonight we've spent an hour trying to give it to him in all sorts of different vessels, and no joy. He is screaming though and making the milk sign frantically.

A bit of background....

He has been on formula for 6 months now and has always loved his milk. He has gone through stages of not being fussed about the arvo milk but has always been hungry for his evening milk. Two things have happened recently that could be the trigger....

He started nursery last week but is settling in well. No probs with drinking his milk (he wouldn't eat solids there at first but now is fine) and the staff are pleased. The second thing we've changed is that I started him on the 1 year plus milk earlier this week. It was obvious he was less bothered about it than he was about his normal formula, but as he was guzzling loads of milk and not eating at nursery at that time, I wasn't bothered and thought it could be a good thing. After he kept refusing tonight though my DP nipped to the shops and got the usual milk. But he won't take any kind of milk now. I just looked this up online and it seems quite usual at this age (asserting independence etc) BUT why is he signing for it? He took a bit from his TT cup in his highchair but seemed more keen to hurl milk around and make pretty patterns with it on his tray. He doesn't seem at all ill. He eats well, in terms of solids.

Anyone else has this - particularly the bit about refusing milk but still clearly seeming to want it, or appearing to (through signing)? Any advice?

Seona1973 Sat 16-Jan-10 20:40:28

have you tried a bit of cows milk? (perfectly fine from 1 year)

mumtojohn Sat 16-Jan-10 20:53:22

Yep, that rejected too!

galadriel77 Sat 16-Jan-10 20:58:25

Maybe he wants a drink that isn't milk? He may be thirsty and doesn't know how to communicate that and milk isn't helping. Try some water in a cup or bottle or some very weak diluted juice.

If that doesn't fix it then I would (but I'm a mean mummy) ignore the signing and crying for milk if he is then refusing it. Just don't offer it and see whether you can settle him in another way and approach the milk again in the morning when he's not tired.

mumtojohn Sat 16-Jan-10 21:36:23

Yep, amazingly he's now asleep. I will just hope that he goes back to normal in the morning. Thanks all.

greentwins Thu 22-Sep-11 07:53:17

Hi, I know this thread is old but keen to know what happened - did your son go back to drinking his milk? My son is doing the same and I can tell he wants it, usually loves it but is still refusing it. I wouldn't mind if he just wasn't hungry!
Thanks for any advice!

LeggyBlondeNE Thu 22-Sep-11 09:50:01

Greentwins - my 12mo recently started refusing to take milk from me or bottle while still trying to root for it, and she had a sore throat when the GP checked her. She just drank sips of water. After a few days once it was better and some relaxed lying together with breast available to her, she cautiously latched on and when it didn't hurt her, strated feeding again. (For an hour!) I think nursery just gave her the bottle with no pressure as well to get her on it.

So worth checking his throat. Sucking a bottle/suckling is more work on the throat than a free flow cup. Ditto ears.

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