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Omneo Comfort Formula: Bowel Movements & Reflux (?)

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shhhh Thu 30-Jun-05 23:48:59

Can anyone advise me on the Cow & Gate Omneo Formula.
Our DD is 6 weeks old and is being bf & bottle fed and was previously on the cow & gate "green" formula. Due to her being hungry after feeds and not being settled dh & I decided to try the above formula as we thought it was more suitable.

Since using it we have noticed a change in babys bowel movements, they are loose (like we expected when bf) but don't contain any "bits" and seems to be slimy/sticky/film like. Her movements have decreased from about 5 times a day to about 1-3 a day.
She also brings up feed after the bottle is finished and this is thick and similar consistancy and as usual its white in colour. She is bringing up more than she was on previous formulas or when she is bf.

I have spoken to the hv and she has advised me all is ok but we are concerned......Is this right ? Has anyone else experienced the same or similar? She has only been on this formula for about 2 days. Any info is appreciated. Sorry about message length. x

cjmummy Fri 01-Jul-05 00:50:23

Hi shhhh, my DS is now 18 weeks old and has been on Omneo Comfort at the HVs suggestion since about 7 weeks old (as well as being bf) like yourself. His nappies are just as you describe and incredibly smelly!!! ... I was initially worried but figure that he is putting on weight and seems happy enough in himself so think he is probably ok. The leaflet that comes with the formula does say that the nappies may be a little different to others. He is sick after feeding but I am not sure whether this is worse because of the OC or just the fact that he is a sicky baby ...

cjmummy Fri 01-Jul-05 00:51:45

If your DD is gaining weight, and not in discomfort then she is probably ok. I spent quite a while worrying that my DS had an upset stomach etc but have just put it down to the OC. Hope this helps!

shhhh Sun 03-Jul-05 20:50:54

cjmummy thanks for you reply, yup it looks like its normal..well from what you were saying. Worry what else is there to worry about . x

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