7.5 month old, how many breastfeeds?

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katiepotatie Fri 18-Dec-09 19:55:03

My 7.5 month old ds is now on three good meals a day, and refuses all breastfeeds during the day sadIt doesn't matter if I try before, during or after his meals he refuses. Still up 2 to 3 times in the night though. Is this normal?

wellbalanced Fri 18-Dec-09 20:16:38

My just turned DS 8mth feeds half6am, 9am (sometimes), Mid aft 2-3pm, 7pm mainly...
He doesn't feed in night. Has 3 good meals, So they are probably getting similar?

scotlass Fri 18-Dec-09 20:51:19

My 8mth old feeds 0730ish, 3pmish and bedtime feed. We're still up once sometimes twice and often more in the night (think its teething related and to settle rather than hunger these times). He's on 3 meals a day plus snacks so am not too worried he only has 3 bf in day

katiepotatie Sat 19-Dec-09 21:07:07

oh that's good, at least I know he's getting enough. Even if it is through the night hmm

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