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i amde up 2 bottles of formula earlier, please help!!

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misdee Mon 27-Jun-05 19:27:33

made them up in case dd3 needed feeding when i was having a driving lesson. they were made about 1pm. i have another lesson tomorrow, will these bottles be ok? lesson is 11am-1pm

throckenholt Mon 27-Jun-05 19:29:02

should be fine as long as they stay in the fridge (at least I would use them !)

Hope the driving lessons are going well.

KatyMac Mon 27-Jun-05 19:31:09

Next time just put the boiling water into the bottle and put the right amount of milk powder into a tuperware....then mix as needed

Chandra Mon 27-Jun-05 19:32:15

They are supposed to last 24 hours as long as they have been in the fridge since you made them (if they have been out for more than an hour they are not as far as I understood)

Chandra Mon 27-Jun-05 19:35:05

This thing is a life saviour. HTH

misdee Mon 27-Jun-05 19:36:30

gotta walk/cadge a lift to mieows, they may be out the fridge for longer than an hour if i am walking, but my bag is pretty insulated, will they be ok?

its been so long since i used formula i feel like a starter. lol.

Chandra Mon 27-Jun-05 19:46:20

I really don't know, as far as I understand they start to breed bacteria as soon as they are warmr hence the hour limit, however, if the milk is really cold it should be OK...I think.

Having said that, we realised that DS used to have breakfast in bed (meaning the leftovers of the before going to sleep bottle -when we forgot to remove it- ), and he was fine.

hunkermunker Mon 27-Jun-05 19:49:27

Do you have icepacks you can put in the bag?

misdee Mon 27-Jun-05 19:50:42

i have some somehwre, will pop one in the freezer latert if i can find it.

throckenholt Mon 27-Jun-05 19:51:28

can you just take some powder with you and make it up fresh when you get there ?

misdee Mon 27-Jun-05 19:56:30

i'm cheap and rather not throw them away unused

throckenholt Wed 29-Jun-05 07:27:15

me too ! But it really doesn't cost much in terms of pwder to make up one (or two) bottle(s) of formula.

basketcase Wed 29-Jun-05 07:36:16

chandra - totally agree. Mine was a life saver. Would make up all the boiled water last thing at night, fill up the tub and then ready to go. Esp. as mine were happy with tepid milk rather than hot so never had to heat up as long as they were room temp.
misdee, really recommend you do the chandra and Katymac thing next time then no worries about fridges and lengths of time

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