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Nipples after months of breast-feeding. What are yours like?

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madamefreckle Sun 13-Dec-09 21:25:45

Just wondering as I bf for 18 months and now (18 months after stopping feeding) my nipples are still permanently fully erect which really annoys me. They get sore from rubbing against clothing and also I have to wear padded bras (even though i prefer not to) otherwise my nipples always show through my clothes. Do you think they'll be like this forever? I'm pregnant now with dc2 and hope to bf for around the same amount of time but am now slightly concerned that i will be hampered by hugely sticking out nipples forever!

bratnav Sun 13-Dec-09 21:28:30

Mine were still like that when I got pg with DS, he is 6 years younger than DD2, sorry.

Mine are now 2 tone as I wasn't latching DS on properly to begin with so I got blisters and cracks. I hope that sorts itself out when I stop feeding, it looks bloody odd hmm

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Sun 13-Dec-09 21:29:13

Will be watching this with interest.

ds2 is 15mo and I'm still feeding him and my nipps are always standing to attention.

Before bf'ing I only got erect nipples if I was very cold.

I too wear moulded cups so I'm not showing nipplege.

motomoto Sun 13-Dec-09 21:31:05

mine were like that and then went in a bit, but were always more sticky-outey afterwards....isn't that a good thing, lol?

peppapighastakenovermylife Sun 13-Dec-09 21:34:06

I bet you have caused a nation of mums to have a quick look at their nipples!

Mine seem normal I think.I didnt pay that much attention to them before but now you mention it I do have to wear padded bras. Am pregnant again and still breastfeeding though so who knows!

LaTrucha Sun 13-Dec-09 21:35:04

Mine have always been a bit like that. I don't think they're any worse now.

One of DHs proudest moments was when I was being helped to bf in hospital and the first thing the midwife said was, 'Wow. Good equipment. So that's not the problem...' hmm grin

madamefreckle Sun 13-Dec-09 21:46:30

Hee hee LaTrucha! Love it! DP caught me typing on this thread and examining my nipples and just rolled his eyes in an amused manner - apparently it is just a bonus from a man's point of view. Before breastfeeding.

Iliketomoveitmoveit - Like you, before breastfeeding mine were always soft and flatish unless cold or stimulated.

The other weird thing was that I swear that up to a year after I stopped feeding, I could easily have started again. Very occasionally I'd do a little test in the shower and could quite easily express a drop of milk. Probably still could now in fact, just don't even want to try!

thisisyesterday Sun 13-Dec-09 21:47:31

mine are more sticky-outy than they used to be, but not so much as to cause any problems.
then again, they were pretty much flat before i started bf

madamefreckle Sun 13-Dec-09 21:47:42

Delete 'Before Breastfeeding' at end of first paragraph...poor editing skills!

mawbroon Sun 13-Dec-09 22:46:10

I can barely remember what mine were like pre breastfeeding.

I have been feeding ds for 4 years now, and am 29wks pg with no 2. It could be 2014 before I stop feeding if this one feeds as long as ds!!!!


Paula58 Thu 12-Oct-17 12:51:36

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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