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Can you have an injection to stop producing milk? PLEASE help

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christiana Thu 10-Dec-09 08:19:07

Message withdrawn

nicnac73 Thu 10-Dec-09 08:58:01

Hi Christiana,

I am so sorry that things are so bad for you. I feel really bad for you. You've given 25 weeks of BM to your DD - bloody well done.

Me again... I took tablets called Cabergoline. Make sure they give you the dosage for 'established' lactation though. I was prescribed this in hospital after my abscess and they gave me the dosage for new mothers so it was less effective than it should have been. Its actually a Parkinson's drug and it acts on the dopamine receptors to stop you producing prolactin, the hormone that produces the milk. It didn't completely stop the engorgement for me though. I expressed just a little bit to take the edge off the pain (I only got 10ml)

Big hug

christiana Thu 10-Dec-09 10:00:18

Message withdrawn

nicnac73 Thu 10-Dec-09 10:24:23


It sounds like they are taking prompt action. Breast doctor is definitely the best bet for advising you what to take. They may even recommend something else like an injection?

I can't remember the dosage exactly but when I went to see my lovely female GP afterwards she looked it up in the book that they all have and said that the I probably should have had a higher dosage because I had established lactation and also I am over 11 stone (quite tubby 13 stone aaargh).

I was sent to general ward at Heartlands Hospital in Birmingham where they do the general surgery but the ultrsound and the breast consultants were based at Solihull hopsital (all the same trust - rubbish system) so I was bounced backwards and forwards between them for 3 days until they finally operated. I am really passionate that women with mastitis that has been going on for a long time and suspected breast abscess should have prompt access to ultrasound and qualified breast doctor not inexperienced registrars and junior doctors who don't even seem to know how lactation works.

Your GP sounds really on the ball so I am sure you will get sorted soon.

The pain might get a bit worse before it gets better but it will get sorted soon. x

PacificMistletoeandnoWine Thu 10-Dec-09 10:43:50

I've just gone and looked it up in BNF:
"suppression of established lactation 250microgram every 12 hours for 2 days".
Disclaimer: I am not personally familiar with the use of Cabergoline for this purpose, but it sounds like you are getting good RL advice.

I had blocked glads/mastitis repeatedly with all 3 of mine, so my sympathies, it is just horrible!!
You can alsway express a little for relief, or even let the baby feed just a little (I found that more effective when I wanted to stop and was terrified of landing in trouble again). If you only remove milk by whatever means to the point of getting rid of discomfort you will not stimulate new supply. WARNING: if you do take Cabergoline do NOT feed baby.

Hope things settle for you sooner rather than later.

PacificMistletoeandnoWine Thu 10-Dec-09 10:47:07

Bromocriptine used to be used to suppress lactation, it is also licensed for this purpose but seems to have been overtaken by Cabergoline <<ignorant old fogey just learnt something, so thank you wink!>>

christiana Thu 10-Dec-09 10:49:51

Message withdrawn

PacificMistletoeandnoWine Thu 10-Dec-09 10:59:02

I really don't know...

I am more familiar with these meds being prescribed for woman who have lost a baby ie stillbirth or late miscarriage where you do not want them going through the reminder of what might have been and pain of engorgement a few days later sad...

IME, if you have an abscess this will usually need to be drained surgically, sounds v much worse than it is, and the sense of relief you get almost immediately after the procedure if profound. If it takes more than just suctioning it off with a needle and syringe, then you will go to theatre and be given a general anaethetic.

If you do NOT have an abscess and "only" mastitis the usual advice is to carry on feeding (I know, I know..), take high doses of antibiotics until everything is settled again. It might be better to consider stopping BFing then, rather that just now when you are at your most miserable because even with the meds you might in the shortrun have more engorgement.
Remember the suppression of lactation is only a sideeffect of these tablets, and they have other ones too.

christiana Thu 10-Dec-09 11:03:34

Message withdrawn

nicnac73 Thu 10-Dec-09 11:06:55

I took Bromocriptine as well as the Cabergoline didn't quite dry the milk up because they gave me the wrong dose. Should ahve had the dosage that pacific says. this was what my GP read out to me from 'The book'.

My dad's friend is a retired Gynaecologist and he wrote me a private prescription for Bromo as this is what he used to use. It was a Sunday and I was desperate. Bromocriptine is an old school drug and it made me go to sleep within 1 hour of taking it which is not particularly useful with a young baby and you need to take it for 14 days. I think it just had more side effects in general like nausea (but I didn't experience this) so they mostly use Cabergoline now.

I just had 250 micro gram single dose of Cabergoline because the useless 12 yr old doctors at Heartlands Hosp. couldn't be bothered to look it up in the book and they got the drug from the maternity ward where they usually just dispense it to new mothers who want to surpress lactation.

The surpress thing is key. I don't think there is anything that will just stop the milk it still takes a few days of ouch.

My milk actually came back a bit because I stopped taking the Bromo bcos I thought it had worked and didn't like the side effects. Breast doctor said that nature is very powerful and they still don't understand everything about lactation. I even still got a letdown feeling when baby cried weeks after I had stoppd bf. BF is amazing, when it works.

christiana Thu 10-Dec-09 16:51:18

Message withdrawn

nicnac73 Thu 10-Dec-09 17:18:30

Fantastic news Christiana. This is why its so important to have ultrasound so that you know for definite either way. Good luck and keep us posted how you get on.

christiana Thu 10-Dec-09 20:02:56

Message withdrawn

PacificMistletoeandnoWine Thu 10-Dec-09 20:18:03

Oh, good news, christiana!

Hope everything else clears up for you.

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