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Stopping breastfeeding - help needed please!

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sweetkitty Fri 24-Jun-05 18:32:21

hi DD is 11 months and has 2 BFs a day. She drinks diluted juice and water out a beaker fine but I have tried her with cows milk and she wasn't impressed (I warmed it up for her as well) the thing is I want to stop BFing when she is a year, I'm pregnant as well and would like a few months rest before DB needs my boobs.

I feel bad but I had always planned to BF DD for a year only. The two feeds she has are mainly comfort now one before bed then in the morning she comes in with us at 6 and has a feed before falling asleep for another few hours. I think the night one will be easier to stop (I plan to do this next week) leave 2 weeks then stop the morning one. I am worried about the morning one though, should I get up and give her a beaker of warm milk or just try to cuddle her back to sleep.

She is eating well and has cheese and yogurt most days so is getting plenty of calcium but I am worried about her losing her milk feeds.

Help am I being a neurotic mum again???

bobbybob Sat 25-Jun-05 20:41:53

Drop the night feed and then decide whether it's worth the hassle of possibly losing that few hours of sleep in the morning compared to bfing for another couple of months or so. Personally it sounds as if you would get more of a rest by continuing this feed.

Weatherwax Sat 25-Jun-05 21:30:25

My dd2 whose now 4 has never really liked milk. She drinks a bit for Grandma who she sees infrequently and some with Strawberry milkshake. I'd hoped when she'd finished breast feeding for a while this would change as her sister drinks enough for us to buy a cow but no luck.

I suppose I am trying to suggest that you might need to replace with a different drink and keep a constant eye on that calcium intake.

I will admit that at one dd was breastfeeding more than twice and I don't think they were comfort feeds but that is a different matter.

stitch Sat 25-Jun-05 21:32:19

i think that if you are pregnant, then the taste of th emilk will change naturally and she wiill wean herself. at lleast that is what i have heard.
try not to worry as kids tend to make sure they get what they need.

spod Sat 25-Jun-05 21:33:08

Message deleted

sweetkitty Mon 27-Jun-05 14:02:10

I've dropped the night feed and all is going well she's not looking for it and has a new beaker especially for her "milky" so shes quite happy with that. Only thing is is that she prefers the taste of sma Progress to cows milk so I have started her on that but hopefully I will wean her off that soon and onto plain cows milk.

My mothers suggestion "put some banana Nesquik in it she'll drink it then" yes I'm a child of the 70s!

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