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not feeding well

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Lilliput Thu 23-Jun-05 15:38:07

my ds is 18 weeks and just isn't feeding very well during the day at the moment and as a consequence is up more in the night looking for a feed. constantly chomping on hands and dribbling so I thought it could be teeth but my dd didn't get first tooth until 7 months. I have started baby rice too to try and rule out some hunger although I know it takes a while for them to actually take solids. Is it just a four month old phase of being unsettled. Usually a dummy will settle him but all he does is hook it out of his mouth and them get upset. He is breastfed and has had mild reflux. Any suggestions?

dinosaur Thu 23-Jun-05 17:16:45

bump for Lilliput

Don't really know what to say, except that iirc all of mine went through unsettled phases and mostly there didn't seem to be an identifiable reason why.

QueenOfQuotes Thu 23-Jun-05 17:20:06

Could it be the heat???

Tipex Thu 23-Jun-05 17:26:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lilliput Thu 23-Jun-05 20:55:12

It's definitely not the heat, I live in Scotland and we've not seen anything like the temperatures on the south east. I have had a bloody awful day with him, lots of grizzling and crying. He is one of those babies that love to be carried (or lugged) by mum all the time and cries the moment I put him in his bouncy chair or on play mat. I hate to say it but my tolerance in wearing pretty thin.

aloha Thu 23-Jun-05 21:23:41

It's normal. My dd went through the same stage. It will settle, honestly, without solids.

Lilliput Thu 23-Jun-05 21:26:41

How long Aloha? How long?

Lilliput Thu 23-Jun-05 22:04:27


moondog Thu 23-Jun-05 22:08:09

I'd agree with aloha. They all go through these phases. You just gotta ride it out. Baby rice will not satisfy hunger at this stage as it has fewer calories than fatty breastmilk.
Just put your feet up girl and love him!

Lilliput Thu 23-Jun-05 22:12:49

I'm finding it very hard to love him just now and I am feeling soooo guilty about this. I know there are people in more difficult situations than me but I'm finding it pretty rough at the moment. I do a lot of parenting alone as my dh is a chef and can sometimes work 15 hour days (it's our own business). It sounds silly but I really want the kids just to cooperate and for things to fall into place, plus I'm knackered.

moondog Thu 23-Jun-05 22:15:58

I know lilliput,I know
I'm speaking as a breastfeeding mother who spends months of my life on my own with two children (dh works abroad.)
I was even alone when ds was born and then had to move house alone with two kids four weeks later.

Sometimes I think I'm just going to collapse on the spot.
Big comfy chair,footstool,magazines,remote control and a big glass of wine. Whip your boob out,lean back and breathe deeply and remind yourself that




Is he your first?

Lilliput Thu 23-Jun-05 22:24:02

This is the crazy thing, he isn't, but I'm not as patient with him as I was with dd. It was like she had read all the baby manuals before being born and did everything to the letter - good at feeding, slept through at 12 weeks, weaned easily, sat up at 6 months, crawled at 9 months etc. My mother said it was like she had been here before, she'd now 2.5. My ds is so different, dd never cried much and ds cries what seems like a lot.
I think because my dh works so hard I feel so guilty taking it easy ds. Guilt is a beastly feeling!

moondog Thu 23-Jun-05 22:29:10

Oh bollocks to the guilt!
People with small children never take it easy fgs!
Do what you have to do to get through this! In my case,that was 2-3 glasses of expensive red wine every evening to take the edge of the day.

I had the hard baby first time round,now I've got the text book sweetie. What a difference!!!!

Can't you lie down with him to feed with a book or the tv?

Lilliput Thu 23-Jun-05 22:37:40

I need to chill out with just him and pack my dd off to my mothers. Today has been a bad day, I've had a beer and am now going to bed and will take whatever comes tonight and start a fresh tomorrow, and if he grizzles and cries I must remember to cuddle him and not get frustrated, it's not his fault he's a little clueless.

aloha Thu 23-Jun-05 22:39:44

Like Moondog I had my difficult child first and dd is a revelation! I didn't know babies could be like this. Complete surprise!
As for how long - it was at least a week - but then suddenly and without warning, she settled again. And this is my dream, easy baby who suddenly seemed absolutely ravenous, fed all day, chewed my nipples, woke at night.. and then stopped.

moondog Thu 23-Jun-05 23:12:23

Hope tomorrow is better for you,lilliput!

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