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I'm going to bf for the 1st time in public tomorrow

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Ruthiebaby Tue 21-Jun-05 22:13:46

Yep - ds will be 19 weeks tomorrow and he is still exclusively bf and I have never yet fed in public.

Tomorrow my friend and I are going to the boating lake for a day out and I plan on feeding my ds when I am there.

Woah..big step..scary..but I'm positive that I'm finally going to do it !

Wish me luck !

zaphod Tue 21-Jun-05 22:16:30

Good luck, you will find that noone will even KNOW that you are breastfeeding. I have had people come up to admire the baby while he fed and didn't even realise he was feeding, they just thought he was asleep in my arms.

Pixiefish Tue 21-Jun-05 22:17:33

good luck. it's easier than you think and after you've done it you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner

spod Tue 21-Jun-05 22:17:35

Message deleted

Willow2 Tue 21-Jun-05 22:18:53

It is really daunting the first few times you do it - but soon you'll be whopping them out at the drop of a hat! It's actually not that difficult to feed without giving everyone an eyeful - and so what if you do? Anyway, I hope you all have a lovely day.

moondog Tue 21-Jun-05 22:30:09

Good for your ruthie! You will discover that nonoe is looking and even if they are they couldn't care less,which is liberating (if a tad disappointing!)
Now...have you mastered the art of eatingdrinking and feeding the babe?
Knew I'd cracked it when I could manoeuvre glass of wine,suckling babe and broadsheet in public!

You go girl!

Ruthiebaby Wed 22-Jun-05 19:19:35


We went out to a beer garden today, found a nice shady spot and cooled in the shade and had a nice meal. I took ds along and took his 'take-along-swing' for him to play in. He loved it.

I also fed him for the 1st time outdoors - felt really liberating - BUT - there was nobody else around !!!! least I finally did it !

Rai Wed 22-Jun-05 19:43:35

Congratulations! you and your ds are breast feeding in a public place virgins no more.

May you both enjoy many more feeds to come. (next time with other people- now you've broken the ice!)

moondog Thu 23-Jun-05 22:03:38

You're getting there kiddo!
When I breastfed on an Easyjet flight full of drunken Liverpool football supporters,I knew I was a veteran!

Orinoco Fri 24-Jun-05 21:37:03

Message withdrawn

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