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Thrashing around whilst bf

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CheekyGirl Tue 21-Jun-05 10:38:34 6mth old ds, that is, not me!

Until very recently, ds has had to be swaddled in order to feed or sleep properly (long story, reflux etc) but during the hot weather, we have had to start getting him used to not being swaddled up.

The problem is that he thrashes around whilst feeding, waving his top arm around madly and then making kind of scratching motions all over my chest! If he is feeding to sleep, all this action disturbs him and he wakes himself up.

Any ideas? I don't want to stop feeding him to sleep as he has his best feeds when he is sleepy, usually.

starlover Tue 21-Jun-05 10:39:29

you can still swaddle... just use a very thin sheet. if he's hot then just put him in a nappy and then swaddle

Ruthiebaby Tue 21-Jun-05 10:42:52

My ds does this sometimes...scratches my boobs to bits ! I guess it all depends on how excitable he is at the time. It's very frustrating but I just let him get on with it as the feed will eventually end !

NotQuiteCockney Tue 21-Jun-05 11:43:36

My DS2 does this lots. He often balls up his fists, and wallops my boobs. That bothers me less then the scratching. Or when he puts his fingers in my mouth, and scratches the bottom of my mouth. Ugh. Thank goodness he never feeds for a long time.

Have you tried feeding him when he's actually asleep? I do that with DS2, to help him sleep through. The tricky bit is making letdown happen, once that goes, he sucks automatically.

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