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alux Sun 19-Jun-05 23:48:31

I started this thread because of Mears' one about topping up feeding being the kiss of death for b/f. I don't know if it also applies to swapping a b/f with formula as I am new to this b/f thing so advise me if you can.

I am happy to b/f exclusively but I am getting to the point where I find I can hardly keep up my caloric intake to keep me and dd happy - at 9 wks. I find I have to eat up to 6 times a day to keep up with demand and as she is getting older I am getting hungrier.

One day: 2 weetabix + milk at 4 am. 2 doorstops of brown bread & 2 eggs and bacon at 8 am. geobar mid morning. Lunch of cheese filled pasta at 1 pm. I sometimes add extra olive oil for the calories too! oatmeal and raisins at 4 pm and can't remember yet what at 7/8 pm. I buy Complan drink supplements (250 calories per portion and I make it with about 300ml of full fat milk say another 150 - 200 calories) and have one almost every day when I only eat 4 times a day. 2/3 glasses of juice too.

I am never sated and eating so much is getting old. Hoping to cut out a mid day feed before her long nap and supplement with formula as I do at night. I pump and store one night time feed. Stopped it once but have recently restarted.

Oh, I am back at my weight before pg. - 50 kilos - under 8 stones.

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