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Guilt over top ups and bottlefeeding?

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dabihp Sun 19-Jun-05 15:13:34

dd2 is now two and a half weeks old, and very hungry! feeds for hours at a time, I had a section so find it very uncomfortable to sit for long periods, also she is quite big (over 9lbs now) and it is heavy on my wound...

Have started mix feeding due to feeling tired, sore, and stressed. But I do feel guilty about this. Also, can see how easy it will be to go completely over to bottle feeding...

Anyone else feel guilty about mix feeding/bottle feeding... There seems to be an awful lot of pressure to bf...

aloha Sun 19-Jun-05 15:20:15

Do you want to bottle feed or breastfeed? Nobody is 'making' you feel guilty, but if you do maybe you would be happier breastfeeding if you can overcome your problems. You might be able to find another position that puts less pressure on your scar - or you could try feeding cross legged with a pillow over your lap (this works brilliantly for me). If feeds are taking ages this can be due to incorrect positioning but it can also be due to your baby being so tiny and loving the feeling of cuddling and feeding. You don't have to have her latched on for hours if you don't want to. Give her to your partner or take her for a walk in the pram instead once you've fed her.
If mixed feeding is adding to your stress instead of relieving it, it might not be the solution you are looking for. The first few weeks of breastfeeding can be very taxing,but it gets much, much easier, it honestly does. And tbh, the first few weeks of parenthood (or years!) are taxing full stop, no matter how you feed.
One last thing, constant feeding does NOT necessarily mean constant hunger. Young babies often latch on for hours because they just love the feeling. 9lbs isn't so heavy! DD is over a stone now (4months) and exclusively breastfed and doesn't feed that often and goes nine hours at night then back down for another three .

SenoraPostrophe Sun 19-Jun-05 15:28:04

Like Aloha says, you shouldn't feel guilty.

if you want to breastfeed more though (or if you are worried about moving over to exclusive bottle feeding, which can happen), you could try feeding her lying down. It's a bit isolating, but an excellent way of finding time to read. And it does get easier!

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