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Offered Swine Flu Vaccine and breastfeeding

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FuntoLearn Thu 12-Nov-09 18:13:42


I have received a letter today from my GP offering me the Swine Flu Vaccine. I have a nine week old and I am breast feeding.

I am happy to have the vaccine but cannot find anything about the risks associated with breastfeeding and the swine flu vaccine on the internet of via the nhs website. Please correct me if I'm wrong

Has anyone come accross this, or had the vaccine during breastfeeding?

Also would it be better to pump and dump milk once vaccinated.

My vaccine is booked in for Tuesday next week so am keen to get some responses.... !


merrymonsters Thu 12-Nov-09 22:45:41

I had the swine flu jab last week. I'm still breastfeeding my 23 month old but obviously not as often as a 9 week old is fed. I've never heard anything saying that you can't and noone asked me.

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