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FF from day 1 - scared about battle with hospital

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Pinkcaz Thu 12-Nov-09 16:18:26

Hello All,

I have been back and forward about breast feeding but due to self issues which I really don't think I will be able to overcome I have decided to FF from the start.

I started to feel calmer about it all like a weight had been lifted by making the decision however I am starting to panic and get all worried about it all again as I anytime now I will be hospital and worried about how the midwives and doctors will react to me.

I am not the strongest person at voicing her oppinions at the best of times and tend to be the type that gets pushed into things I don't want to do because it easier and don't want an arguement so this is worrying me already what will happen.

I thought my mum was behind me and understood and she encouraged me to go down the FF route but when I was at NCT cleasses she spoke to the tutor (in front of me) saying she had tried to talk me around and I was having none of it - when we were alone and I confronted her she laughed and said well it doesnt matter to the tutor does it? But now I don't think she'll have my back in hospital about it and going this alone as a single mum I dont have the support of a partner either.

The hospital I am going to seems to be very pro-breast - which is obviously a great thing and its good to know the support ystem is there for those who will be breastfeeding it just worrys me because I wonder if this will make it more difficult to follow the other route.

I'm sorry for going on, I just wondered if anyone had been in this sort of situation and could offer any advise please?

Thanks x

corblimeymadam Thu 12-Nov-09 16:22:57

Message withdrawn

bogie Thu 12-Nov-09 16:26:02

I haven't been in this situation before but I wouldn't worry about it too much its your choice and tbh the midwife staff on the hospital wards are so busy they really won't try to challange you about it.

On the other han dtry to stay open minded I was only just 18 when I had ds and I didn't think for 1 min I would BF but when he was born somthing just made me feel different, I bf him for 2 years, then bf dd for 6 months (she doesn't like milk andn hasn't had any milk since she was 6 months.

tiktok Thu 12-Nov-09 16:32:31

It'll help to get this sorted before you have your baby, I there a midwife you like and can confide in, who could help you amend your birthplan, like *belgianbun' suggests?

I'm a bit confused - your mum encouraged you to ff, but then said what must have been something untrue to the class teacher? About her trying to 'talk you round'? It's inexcusable to embarrass you in front of other people in this way, and you were right to call her on it. Can you speak to her again and explain how you need to rely on her support?

One other option would be simply to have an open mind on it - see how you feel at the time your baby's here? In any case, you can ensure you have as much closeness and skin to skin contact with your baby as anyone else, and you can ask for help with that, too.

Pinkcaz Thu 12-Nov-09 17:47:46

Thanks so much everyone, I have just amended my birthplan to include this.. in what I hope is a determined but polite way

I haven't really got a midwife I have got close to as each time I have been to the hospital I have seen someone different and as I had a few scares along the way nearly all my appointments have been there rather than at my GP surgery.

I have spoken to her again about this asking how she will react if they do push me at the hospital and said that it wouldn't be helpful to do the same as at NCT and she just sort of nodded and agreed... think it was of her way of saying she knew it upset me but I am not filled with confidence it would happen again... could be that its her way of not liking to be pressured about it too...but her way was bailing which i'm hoping mine wont be. Everything else she has been brilliant about so hopefully i'm paranoid and it was just a glitch.

I have now packed in my bag the formula and bottles and the smaller steraliser along with amended birth plan... thank you so much I really wouldn't have thought about including it like that.... stupid I know!

Thanks x x x

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