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Why is my 6wk old screaming at my breast?

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willowstar Thu 12-Nov-09 15:34:23


I am breastfeeding my little one who is 6 weeks old. Sometimes, not always, she has started to do this very odd thing whereby when I put her to my breast she screams at it, really really screams...this might go on for a minute or so then she latches on and either fusses for a little while on and off or just feeds well. really strange behaviour, anyone know why she might be doing this? She has reflux and throws up a lot, not sure if that is relevant or not.

lilymolly Thu 12-Nov-09 16:09:26

Congrats on you little girl!

Could it be a symptom of her reflux and maybe when you lie her on her side to feed she may have acid and it may be hurting her.
Is she on gaviscon?

Could it be frustration and her getting annoyed as she is wanting the milk immediately?

Clutching at straws really, but hope that helps?

strig Thu 12-Nov-09 18:55:02


My DD who is 10 weeks does a similar thing. It may be as Lilymolly says wanting in the milk immediately - she may just be a bit impatient (as my DP always says like most women!! Argh!) However with my DD I think it is she is still tried and is protesting about me trying to feed. She will often wake up and I think yes she is due for a feed but when I try to feed her she screams, may latch on for a few seconds will occasionally feed for a little while or will really cry her eyes out. If I put her down again she often goes off to sleep for another hour - so I have stopped taking it to heart that it is me!! She will often then wake up really ready for a feed. It has only been happening in the last few weeks - I wonder if it is her changing her patterns and I suppose I am still learning her signals. My DS would always feed anytime so I have found if very different with her. Anyway that is my experience and it might not help you and as you say yours could be related to reflux and her being uncomfortable - my DD shows no signs of reflux.

Anyway hope this helps and sorry I have rambled on a bit!

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