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Milk blisters

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kitpuss Wed 11-Nov-09 08:44:18

I have almost permanent milk blisters on what has become known as "my bad breast"!! I've tried all sorts of things, such as bathing my nipple in epsom salts, sticking a needle in and poking around, all to no avail, just can't seem to shift them.

I've gradually grown used to this, it's amazing what you will get used to isn't it? My supply has dwindled from that side, my DS doesn't feed from it for long, but the other side has always been fine so I have not been too worried.

But just this week I have noticed a milk blister on my good side, and just cannot face having the same thing on that side too. DS only feeds twice a day now but I did want to carry on for a few more months, but just don't think I can face it if I'm going to have pain on both sides.

Any ideas anyone?? I really am getting a bit desperate.....

giggly Wed 11-Nov-09 22:38:24

I was nearly going to stop bf 4 week dd as pain caused by blisters was killing me, but I have found silicone nipple shields from Boots.

They look like little floppy hats for your nips, but god they work a treat. Up until noe I have had to limit feeding on right breast to once a day, expressing the rest as it was so painful , but these lttle darlings have come up trumps.

They are about 4 quid.
Good luck

princessmel Thu 12-Nov-09 11:56:56

Have you tried putting Lanisoh cream on them?

Sticking needles in sounds very ouchy to me.

kitpuss Thu 12-Nov-09 20:32:01

Nipple shields might help with the pain I guess, but wouldn't do anything for the underlying problem, which is what I was really hoping to solve.

I haven't tried the cream but not sure that it would help - the blisters are little blebs of congealed milk that look like white spots, so can't think how cream would dissolve them.

And yes needles were very ouchy!!

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