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was this a blocked duct? Soooo bruised!

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alibobble Tue 10-Nov-09 21:08:11

dd2 is excl bf but started weaning onto solids now. feeds have gone from every 2 hrs to every 4 which is good but the other night she fed and I felt something seem to dislodge: sooo painful. Now feel really bruised inside boob and is still painful to feed. dropped breakfast for dd so she would feed more frequently to make sure boob was "flushed" but still really painful 16 hrs later. Is this normal? Will it get better by iteslf or should I worry about mastitis? Not hot, just bruised feeling.

Sorry if I seem clueless but dd1 was bottle fed so no idea!

QueenFee Wed 11-Nov-09 10:00:06

It took about 2 days for my last one to go. Keep feeding on that side as much as poss. If there is still a bright red patch then there may be another duct still blocked. I use my knuckles to sort of knead it whilst feeding seems to help dislodge anything. I do sometimes resort to the pump too although it's not as effective as bubs

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