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breastfeeding only one side other boob strunk

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Shell001 Tue 10-Nov-09 19:30:49


we ve feeding just one side for some reason with DS2 nearly 7 months for the last few months doesnt fill full anymore and is small ..
is the not good exclusive bf still

Tallulah1978 Wed 11-Nov-09 11:58:02

Hi there - is baby only feeding from the left side and the right side is rejected?

A couple of suggestions:

* When baby is really hungry, start with the less favoured side

* Try a 'rugby hold' - Baby is placed in the arm the same side as breast your are feeding from, tucked under your arm and so approaches the breast from the side with which baby is favouring. Hope I've explained that properly

I would say that if baby is at least the one breast from which baby is feeding, therefore getting both foremilk (more watery but with lots of vitamins and antibodies) and hindmilk (full fat creamy stuff) then it should be fine . As long as poo is fine (watch for any green stools as this indicates too much foremilk) and baby is gaining weight, alert and settled then not to worry.

My DS favoured my left breast from about 4 months and I did spend a couple of months with lopsided boobs. When you start to wean and drop feeds from perhaps 6 months and your milk supply adjusts, your boobs will even back up.


Tallulah1978 Wed 11-Nov-09 12:01:33

I would also say that 'not feeling full' is perfectly normal and that it just your body and milk supply working perfectly with the demand so you don't get that 'full to bursting' feeling as you just supplying exactly what is needed.

You're doing brilliantly at 7 months, keep going!


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