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Oversupply in 5 day old..any BFC around???

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needanamefast Tue 10-Nov-09 18:43:17

DD was born thurs night, so now 5days old.

I B/F DS until he was 22mo and only stopped 5 months ago.

Milk came in at 48 hours and since then have been massively engorged. Milk goes everywhere! When DD sucks you can hear her gulping, and she coughs and splutters and comes off after a few mins, looking v unhappy. Up until now she goes back on quite happily, but then is massively windy and very unhappy, and won't lie flat until we get about 4 burps up (diff to ds who just needed one burp that was quite easy to get up).

This afternoon she has fallen asleep after just a few sucks or won't go back on after first initial splutter. Not overly worried about this yet as she fed well in the night and this am, and has taken some and I'm aware patterns chagne all the time.

She is thriving. Born at 3.763kg and weighed today was 3.70kg so lost only 1.7%!! lots of wees and poos, well hydrated and not jaundiced. She is very sleepy between feeds and although will look for a feed every 3 hours or less, with some healthy cluster feeding in the evening(until tonight so far, maybe it'll happen later) she only has alert periods of about 20 mins twice a day so far.

Labour was a "precipitate labour" < 2 hours.

Question: will this supply sort itself out or do I start block nursing now? Its obviously distressing for DD and is starting to put her off feeds I think

Thanks for help!

joyjac Tue 10-Nov-09 18:57:51

If it was me, I would be concerned that block nursing now would reduce my supply before it is full established. That is, if by block nursing you mean nursing on the same breast over a 3/4 hour period.
Could you try hand expressing to make it easier for her to latch on, and also to ensure that she doesn't get choked immediately she starts to nurse? Also, no harm in her sleeping in a semi upright position, especially if it is against you as means both of you are getting some rest!

needanamefast Tue 10-Nov-09 19:02:06

Also - if she only has a few sucks do I go back to that breast the next feed or count it as a proper feed and then switch to other side?

I just wonder if lots of little sucks are hyperstimulating my boobs....

needanamefast Tue 10-Nov-09 19:13:23

thanks joyjac that is what i'm concerned about. but shes really rather unhappy about the force of the milk...

Spidermama Tue 10-Nov-09 19:18:27

You could try to feed her lying down. That sometimes slows it down.

I would say it's very early days and the supply will sort itself out as long as you're not tempted to express.

Congratulations. smile

blue22 Tue 10-Nov-09 19:21:54

I had the same thing with DD who's now 8 weeks. Masses and masses of milk which came far too quickly for her - came out her nose, covered her ears and generally ruined at least 2 outfits per feed. Not fun for either of us.
I tended to put her back on the same breast until she'd had about 30 mins on it - even if that took 3 hours - it seemed that way the flow would settle down and she'd suck more happily. I did also try expressing a bit off first in the mornings when it seemed to be particularly bad - I literally pumped for 2 mins to take the edge off the flow. seemed to help her. Anyway, it has now calmed down and sorted itself out. I still have plenty of milk, but I think she can deal with it better, and feeding is now, generally, much easier. It took about 6 weeks to get it sorted though - sorry - probably not what you want to hear!!!

Jacanne Tue 10-Nov-09 19:29:45

I had similar - I would start dd off and then take her off and catch the fast flow of milk in a muslin, when it stopped I would put her back on again. I also fed her lying on my back with her on top. I did the block feeding thing too - didn't mess with my supply but it was probably a few weeks down the line.

needanamefast Tue 10-Nov-09 19:31:36

thanks spidermama she's gorgeous smile

sounds like a plan blue22. a few mins of expressing to reduce engorgement for me and forceful ejection for her hopefully won't stim supply too much.

needanamefast Tue 10-Nov-09 20:05:03

hopeful bump for tiktok

Whiteybaby Tue 10-Nov-09 20:14:12

Hi sorry I'm not tiktok but had the same with dd who is now 7mths. When she was little you could hear the milk pouring out and the tiny tot would be gulping away. She often seemed to choke and get drowned in it blush. Like others I used to feed lying right back as gravity def made it worse. I used to also express a bit off first if really bad but used to use pump and prob used to take off couple ounces. I didn't block feed as didnt know anything about it but used to feed on same side if she snacked within an hour of starting. if she was hungry again after an hour of the first drink i would change sides. Not sure that is v clear but hope you understand!! Like others she did eventually get big enough to cope. HV just told me not to tell any of my mummy friends that I had gallons on milk as they would be envious hmm. It did mean she always fed fast tho so some benefits!

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