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urgent help bfeeding 2wk old please

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4madboys Tue 10-Nov-09 17:09:10

hello, this is message on behalf of a friend

she has a little boy, two weeks old exactly today.

he was 9lb 3oz when born, had a home birth all fine but it was hard as he was posterior and his shoulders got stuck (probably as compared to her last two 7lb babies he was big for her)

anyway all well and he seemed to be feeding well but was very sleepy in the first week, she woke him to feed him but when he was weighed at a week old he had lost weight and was then 8lb 10oz, not too concerned at this point as thats an normal weight loss, and his latch appears fine and he is feeding well, pooing andweeing lots etc.

so last friday he was weighed again and had gained 2 or 3oz midwife happy, again, lot f wee and yellow mustard poo, seems to be a content baby.

then today he was weighed and he has lost 1oz, midwife very concerned and talking about admitting them to hospital if he hasnt gained by thursday

my friend is very worried, but has succesfully bfed her elder two children, tho they are 12yrs and 8yrs old, she is now with a new partner and he it is his first baby and he is worried, but supportive of bfeeding

baby is weeing and pooing LOADS, has lots of time when he is awake, alert and happy, she feeds him frequently, never waits for him to cry ie as soon as he starts rooting etc, she puts him to the breast and he seems to feed well, comes of content etc.

i have seen him feed and he has latch looks ok (ihave bfed for 9yrs) so not an expert but know a bit she went to a bfeeding clinic where they said his latch was ok and the midwife thinks it is too.

the one issue i thought that may not help him to gain weight is that the past few nights he has slept for a big 6hr stretch, i said to WAKE him in the night and feed him as in my experience in the first few weeks it helped establish milk by making sure they never went longer than three hours overnight without a feed as they are too little to go that long really? someone correct me if i am wrong

no signs of thrush, mastitis or tongue tie int he baby and mum doesnt have sore nipples or any reason to indicate a poor latch.

he had a HUGE poo right before they weighed him which may account for an ounce or two? but he obviously hadnt gained enough for it to show, tho it had only been three days since they last weighed him.

sorry this is long and waffly, i am trying to give as much info as possible so i cant get helpful/relevant advice, i know you ladies on mumsnet are good

i think the midwife is over reacting by suggesting hospital on thu, esp as he is an awake, ALERT baby with lots of wet nappies and plenty of yellow poo, i am inclined to think that he is just settling to his natural growth line, both mum and dad are tall and thin and baby is also long

thankyou for reading and for any advice, btw she is calling the bfeeding network and finding one of their local supporters to come and check his latch just in case.

the other thing is that its the new baby, lots of family nearby, visiting lots, her elder two are at school, so she COULD rest during the day but is getting lots of visitors, i have told her to put a sign on the door, saying mum and baby resting, please come back later etc.

i am thinking lots of skin contact, plenty of feeding, making sure latch is ok and rest for mum and they will get there as there dont seem to be any major issues? but want to make sure we arent missing anything and checking there is nothing else we can do

sorry again for the length blush and thankyou x

4madboys Tue 10-Nov-09 17:33:01

bump to keep it in current chat, anyone?

StealthPolarBear Tue 10-Nov-09 17:40:08

no idea, sorry but could she ask for referral to paediatrician rather than admitting him?

Indith Tue 10-Nov-09 17:40:10

A bump for you in the hopes tiktok or osmeone sees it

TBH the first thing that pops in to my head, on the basis that he is feeding lots, happy, alert, pooing, wetting etc is that maybe they used different scales?

tiktok Tue 10-Nov-09 17:44:16

This baby sounds fine.

I agree, though - more freq feeding, especially at night, will ensure he gets what he needs.

Babies shouldn't ever be losing weight at this stage, so it's reasonable to be keeping a close eye on him. A weight loss of an ounce could easily be scales/operator error, though - or indeed not counting the weight of a recently discharged poo

4madboys Tue 10-Nov-09 17:44:35

i said that about the scales, but she thinks they are the same ones.

i shall mention seeing a paid rather than being admitted, which seems drastic esp as she has two other children to consider.

thankyou for replying and hopefully this will stay bumped for tiktok to see

4madboys Tue 10-Nov-09 17:45:55

oh cross posted, thankyou tiktok

she is going to wake him at night, and make sure he feeds more frquently, but it really doesnt sound as if there are any major issues, hopefully he will have gained by thursday

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