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breast or bottle feed?

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missycantstop Sat 18-Jun-05 12:29:28

hi im expecting my 3rd child and dont no if i should breast or bottle feed. I bottle fed my other 2 children.
I was all up for breast feeding but recently have heard alot about people not being able to breast feed in public due to others abuse. I know breast is best but i want to feel comfortable feeding the baby in public. Any advice would really help thanks.

Gillian76 Sat 18-Jun-05 12:32:43

Never had any bother in public and I bf 3 babies. As long as you are discreet I don't see the problem. Don't let a few horror stories put you off. I'm sure the majority of breastfeeding mums have been fine

hunkermunker Sat 18-Jun-05 12:50:09

I've never had any problems feeding my DS in public (he's 14mo and still breastfed) - nobody's ever said anything to me.

There are plenty of places to go if you're worried about feeding in "proper" public - lots of shops have baby feeding rooms.

I think it's becoming more common and people are more likely to look at you in a supportive way rather than be abusive - if they can even tell you're feeding! Often people don't even know what you're doing once you get the hang of it - and you'll do that in the privadcy of your own home anyway - I know I didn't feel like doing much in public, let alone feeding, for the first couple of weeks!

If you are really worried about feeding in public, it is possible to feed them before you go out and time it so you feed them when you get home.

Good luck with it - you'll get plenty of support on here with breastfeeding xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

suzywong Sat 18-Jun-05 12:55:45

yes the others are right, it is possible to be discreet and most importantly of all - comfortable. Take a fine shawl to drape over your shoulder and baby. I'm guessing it will be autumn/winter when you baby is due so in the chilly weather it will be second nature for you not to expose more boob than necessary - which really isn't very much at all.

Please dont be put off by what ifs and other people, I breast fed my kids in every park in North London and never got any unwanted attention

I do hope breastfeeding works out for you and you know will find plenty of support and advice here on MN should you have anymore queries. Hope this helps

frogs Sat 18-Jun-05 12:56:37

I've breastfed all three of mine (not all at the same time, obviously!) wherever I happened to be when they needed feeding -- restaurants, cafes, parks, museums, and all forms of public transport, and I can honestly say I have never had even so much as a comment, and nor has anyone else I know.

Like you I was all geared up for the anti-bf people the newspapers love to tell us about -- I had all the smart answers practised, and honed my "Make a comment and you'll regret it" look to perfection. But it was all for nothing -- I think most people don't even notice that the baby is feeding, and those who do (often little old ladies or other mums) tend to give you a soppy, isn't-it-lovely kind of look.

So don't worry. I don't know where the newspapers get these stories from, but I suspect they're either invented or grossly exaggerated. It might be worth trying to find a supportive group locally before the baby is born -- of course breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world, but it doesn't always feel that way in our culture, where lots of todays mothers were bottlefed themselves and haven't grown up around bfeeding women. So if you can find some like-minded people (NCT or Sure Start run bfeeding support groups) it could provide you with encouragement.

Good luck!

missycantstop Sat 18-Jun-05 13:01:28

suzywong - your guess was wrong im due in 6 weeks.

misdee Sat 18-Jun-05 13:04:05

never had any problems bf in public. dh hs heard other women being moaned at, but he would defend me if anyone started. he has alsotold off the people moaning.

PiccadillyCircus Sat 18-Jun-05 13:07:58

When I was breastfeeding DS (which I did for 9 months) no one ever commented or even seemed to notice and I fed him wherever and whenever he needed feeding. At first you feel as if everyone is looking at you but very soon you realise that no one actually is.

oops Sat 18-Jun-05 13:23:15

Message withdrawn

SoupDragon Sat 18-Jun-05 15:02:43

Never had any problem feeding in public.

suzywong Sat 18-Jun-05 15:09:53

oh well if you're due in six weeks you will have the weather for it! Enjoy it

pixiefish Sat 18-Jun-05 16:39:15

Never had any problem feeding in public. dd is 16 1/2 months and I still feed her in public if she wants a drink

jennifersofia Sat 18-Jun-05 17:08:14

Breast feeding was one of the most satisfying things I have ever done. Never been hassled.
Best of luck!

aloha Sat 18-Jun-05 17:12:23

I have never been abused in public for breastfeeding and I've fed all over the place. It's so easy to do, and I really like it.

Melpomene Sat 18-Jun-05 17:54:08

Ditto. I have breastfed my dds anywhere and everywhere, and never had any negative experiences. It is a wonderful thing to do for your baby and imho so much easier than having to prepare and sterilise bottles etc

suedonim Sat 18-Jun-05 19:04:43

I've b-fed three children in all sorts of places and never had anyone comment adversely. If I see someone feeding I always think, 'Aaah, how nice.'

mandyc66 Sat 18-Jun-05 23:11:58

I breast fed all 5 of mine and had no comments either. Its not like you are showing yourself off. I always tried to be discreet.

icklelulu Sun 19-Jun-05 19:58:59

I am breastfeeding me ds and dont have any problems feeding in public. Will feed whenever and wherever! If other ppl have a problem then its all down to their lack of understanding and knowledge of breastfeeding. If its what you want to do then go for it! As other ppl have said you can be very descreet and cover up with a shawl, cardi etc I just pull my top down a bit and nobody ever notices! Good luck with the feeding both you and your baby will love it!

Magscat Sun 19-Jun-05 20:17:15

Places I have breast fed in:

Parks (on benches or leaning against a tree)
Cafes/Pizza Hut
Pubs - inside & out
Shopping Centres/Ikea/Waterstones comfy sofas
Swimming pool
My Office
All my freinds & relatives houses
Just about anywher e- though I did stop short in Kwik Fit the other day but only because dd wasn't really that bothered

I have never had even a 'funny look' never mind abuse.

If you want to bf, then go for it -what have you got to lose?

aloha Sun 19-Jun-05 20:18:26

i breastfed while having a pedicure today.

Magscat Sun 19-Jun-05 20:20:46

That's impressive Aloha.
Could you bf while having a manicure though?
I've never learnt to do it hands free - saw a woman feeding her baby whilst using both hands to eat her dinner the other day - I was well impressed. (Baby wasn't very old either - just laid in her lap)

moondog Sun 19-Jun-05 20:25:16

missy,I'm anotherwho hashadnothingbut goodvibes!

mandyc66 Sun 19-Jun-05 21:34:00

The only time I was asked if I wanted to go somewhere more private was in an hospital!!!

chipmonkey Mon 20-Jun-05 02:34:01

The only place I was asked to go somewhere was in a private health clinic, MandyC66!

Kelly1978 Mon 20-Jun-05 08:32:26

I've never been hassled or asked to move neither. I've fed mine everywhere from the park to Brighton pier! Just wear nice loose tops that are easy to life up adn can fall down sort of over the baby a bit to hide anything you don't want to expose. I've also changed stinking nappies in the middle of a train carriage, but that's life with twins for you!

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