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BF and returning to work

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CatR1 Mon 09-Nov-09 20:21:12

Hi, I'm due to return to work 3 days per week next month and not sure what to do with BF. My DD is 8 months and has 4 BF per day and 3 meals. She takes a bottle no problem as I expressed from 5 weeks. We've also tried her with a bottle of Aptamil and she took that too. I thought I would have introduced formula by now, but I'm not sure I'm ready to give up BF. Whilst at work I won't be able to do the first feed because I start work too early. I will however be able to do the nighttime feeds. Do I need to introduce formula for the feeds I'm not going to be there to do every day? Is it possible to continue as normal, and DD can have a bottle when I'm not there? In an ideal world I would like her to have a bottle at nursery and for me to BF when she's with me. Not sure if this is unrealistic? Many thanks for your help.

mum2JRC Mon 09-Nov-09 21:16:01

Hi CatR1

I went back to work part time (3 days week) last week and my son is 8 months old.
My son normally feeds morning, afternoon and evening, then however many times in the night ( normally once but quite often more)

I start work at 8am so I do the morning feed then he has his breakfast once at nursery. I leave expressed milk for the afternoon feed (about 5 oz) but admittedly I can not get this much off when expressing so not sure what/ how much he wants. Then breastfeed on demand etc once home.
I express once at work when he normally has his pm feed.

So far its been going well. I do think when they are away from you that they are not so keen for milk as my DS waits hour and 1/2 til getting a bottle after his nap at nursery and normally I only need to walk in a room and he wants to feed.

I think if going to give formula when away from your DD it will depend on how many feeds in the day your away from her to see if it will affect your supply/ make you engorged uncomfortable.

Iggipepperedfillet Mon 09-Nov-09 21:47:29

Hi, back at work with 10 month DS. Was able to feed before going to work (sometimes missed it if he was still asleep), expressed one bottle at work (ask your employers for private room, time to do it - not lunchbreak! - and fridge to store, they have to support you) and fed soon as I got in (he would insist!) and then in evening/night as requested. As also eating food that all seemed to be enough, so feeding when you're there, and a bottle of expressed (or more if you can) for during the day. I kept this up till he was one, and then used cow's milk except for bedtime (and sometimes during night) feeds, until he turned two when he chose to stop altogether. Good luck with your return! Just noticed, you're only in work 3 days so I'm sure what you're planning should be enough.

CatR1 Tue 10-Nov-09 19:00:35

Thanks for the advice folks

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